[Twitter] 5 Social Media Marketing Predictions to Watch in 2019
    If your company doesn’t have a Twitter or Instagram account or a Facebook page, this signals to customers a lack of credibility and human presence. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have introduced live videos to their platforms in recent years. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all have video-sharing capabilities, each with unique features. Twitter allows you to create and post videos directly in a Tweet.
    [Twitter] How Social Media Has Changed in Ten Years
    Social media dates back to the 1990s with the dawn of the internet and sites like Myspace and LiveJournal, but today the social media landscape’s major players include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat. Social media is an almost unavoidable part of modern life, and the number of active social media users increases every day.
    [Twitter] 5 PPC Predictions to Watch in 2019
    In addition, the tech-savvy digital marketer knows that major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are vital in establishing a human presence and brand personality among their customer base. A static photo advertisement is less likely to grab a user’s attention when they’re scrolling through their Instagram or Twitter feed. 2019 is quickly approaching, and with it will come innovative ways to market brands to consumers on the web.
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    [Twitter] Start 2019 With Social Media Resolutions
    However, on a site like Twitter where character count is rather limited, too many hashtags just looks clunky and robotic. For example, you may want a simple lead-in to your new content on Twitter with a hashtag or two but a longer, more robust post on your Facebook page. Social media is an unavoidable part of everyday life now, and modern marketing professionals need to know how to navigate social media appropriately.
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    [Twitter] How to Fail at Blogging
    Younger users tend to prefer Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Blogging is an attractive endeavor for many reasons. Most bloggers get started with a desire to share their ideas with others, and the attention and money from blogging keeps them going. However, for every successful blog there are dozens that have utterly failed. There are a few things that many bloggers do without realizing the harm they cause to their own efforts.
    [Twitter] 7 Video Content Marketing Tips & Tricks
    Pinning your video to the top of your company Facebook or Twitter pages. Video content marketing is becoming more and more popular in the digital sphere. In fact, Forbes reports that videos have 135% more reach on average than photos alone. It can be daunting to feel the pressure to take advantage of video marketing in the most effective way to keep up with or surpass your company’s online competitors.
    [Twitter] Social Media & SEO – 4 Things You Need to Know
    Ads and actual websites take the first couple of spots, but after that you will likely see a company’s Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram in the search results. Therefore, it’s commonly believed that credible links from social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all bolster your organic content and links, and in turn further legitimize your site and brand in the eyes of search engines.
    [Twitter] In Case You Haven’t Heard…Google Is Closing Google+
    Other major social platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, also far surpass Google+. Google+ has been a central topic of social media attention from its initial intention as a social network that could stand up against Facebook, to its steadily declining current status. Even so, Google has kept at its fourth social media venture since 2011. However, due to recent developments, the company has finally decided it’s time to shut down Google+. The Influence of Google+.
    [Twitter] Restaurant Advertising Ideas for 2018 and Beyond
    The first step is to set your restaurant up with the gamut of profiles – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even a verified Google My Business and Yelp page are important. For Twitter or Instagram, consider retweeting or posting user-generated content as well. Your restaurant is great, no questions asked, but the eternal problem a great restaurant faces is telling people that their restaurant is, well, great.
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    [Twitter] Social Media Sites for Businesses
    Twitter. Another one of the largest platforms out there, Twitter’s user base also encompasses all sorts of demographics from around the world. Hashtags are a thriving part of Twitter’s setup as well, allowing you to reach different audiences and promote your brand. Twitter’s advertising options tend to be less expensive than Facebook’s, but promoted tweets still see a far reach.
    [Twitter] Social Media Management Tools We’re Loving Right Now
    Users can integrate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest through Buffer. The free, basic SocialOomph package comes chock-full of features across multiple platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, RSS feeds, Plurk, and website blogs. The free version of this tool mainly caters toward Twitter. Worldwide, more than 2.2 billion people are active monthly social media users.
    [Twitter] Social Media Analytics: Tools You Should Check Out Now
    Explore Pinterest Analytics , Twitter Analytics , YouTube Analytics , LinkedIn Analytics , and Instagram Insights for special analytics tools for each platform. Measure how you ’ re doing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn through one simple platform. You know social media is an integral cog in the marketing wheel, but do you know how to really get business rolling? Social media analytics.
    [Twitter] How to Use Instagram for Business With 7 Simple Tips
    Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are some of the most obvious targets, but Instagram also has an extensive active user base with high rates of engagement. Social media is one of the greatest tools for businesses working to enhance their online presence. Combined with much lower competition than you’ll find on other platforms, Instagram presents a fantastic opportunity for your business’s social media marketing campaign.
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    [Twitter] Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants
    Facebook and Twitter are the obvious big two first choices, but, beyond that, social media marketing for restaurants can benefit from a presence on Instagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare. Twitter, for example, is a fast-paced environment that works with good text and image synchronization – but only if your message is short.
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    [Twitter] Long Tail Keywords: Find the Right Ones for Your Business
    Twitter , one of the first platforms to rely heavily on hashtags, also has a page that can tell you popular search trends. One of the most effective ways to pull ahead of competing businesses is to optimize your website for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of tailoring the content on your site to appear high among the results of an online search. It is becoming a necessity for companies that want to strengthen their online presence.
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    [Twitter] What You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management
    When customers aren’t happy, they tend to express themselves over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social accounts. In the modern business environment, almost nothing is as important as your online reputation. The impression your customers get from your website, social media accounts, online reviews, and general digital presence can make or break sales. A strong, positive online reputation can lead to business pouring in, while a black mark on your virtual record can drag you down.
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    [Twitter] What Is a Social Media Algorithm and How Does It Work?
    A social media algorithm is the mathematical calculation that sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Snap Chat use to understand user habits and to customize the social experience. Social media algorithms are here to stay. As a social media marketer, this could mean implementing major changes to continue reaching your audience. Luckily, adapting to social media algorithms isn’t difficult.
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    [Twitter] Why Any Business Should Consider an SEO Audit
    Facebook, Twitter, and other media sites should be regulated and up-to-date to engage users in the experience. In today’s world, digital technology is constantly evolving. A company should always be on course with industry standards in their field, and that includes its website. Competitive business owners know the importance of SEO optimization. However, do they understand the benefits of a routine SEO audit ? Any successful SEO strategy needs professional review and analysis over time.
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    [Twitter] How to Do a Twitter Audit: Beginner 101
    With an average of over 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter provides its users the ability to reach a global audience with simplicity, ease, and speed unmatched by any other social media platform. A Twitter audit will help you gain the insight you need to make the most of your marketing efforts. It’s important to take the proper steps to ensure your use of Twitter is helping to drive your business. Shares of your content by another Twitter user. Twitter Audit.
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    [Twitter] Wendy’s Social Media: A Guide to Branding Your Voice & Building Your Team
    In 2017 Wendy’s went viral for their sassy and quick-witted responses to users via Twitter. If you go back and reread several of the Wendy’s Twitter pieces, you’ll notice one thing keeps getting brought up time and time again: “Our team”. Back then we had social media contests to see who could get the most interaction on content pushed to Facebook and Twitter. After a few weeks I got a direct message on Twitter from a friend asking me if I still worked at Vizion.
    [Twitter] How to Write a Cold Call Email
    Consider those Facebook or Twitter call to action posts. Email campaigns offer a very inexpensive tool for reaching an audience. Many careers and start-ups flourished because of cold emails, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. You have no audience relationship and you lack feedback that allows you to adjust as you go. With all this going against them, it’s no wonder that cold emails tend to fail. Crafting the perfect cold email is a craft.
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    [Twitter] Robert Bochnack Discusses How Social Media Matters at DDS 2017
    He focuses on alumni interactions via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Vizion had the pleasure of speaking with Robert Bochnack at this year’s Dallas Digital Summit. Robert is the Director of Social Media for the Harvard Business School’s Office of External Relations.
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    [Twitter] Loren McDonald Discusses AI and Machine Learning Technologies at DDS 2017
    He focuses on alumni interactions via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Vizion had the pleasure of speaking with Loren McDonald at this year’s Dallas Digital Summit. Loren is the Marketing Evangelist for IBM Watson Marketing. Loren’s role at IBM is to educate marketers and executives on digital marketing best practices and emerging trends.
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    [Twitter] Google Algorithm Updates and the Core SEO Factors to Focus On
    The confirmation of the update however was much less clear as Gary’s response to it on Twitter was simply this: With this, even Moz.com’s algorithm update tracker /timeline adopted the name, but also highlighted that it was still “Unconfirmed” despite the name designation. When it comes to search engine optimization, 80+% of it is working for better positions in Google. Now Google loves to refine their algorithm and cause us all to do what is affectionally called ‘the Google dance’.
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    [Twitter] Google Marketing Next 2017: Keynote Highlights
    Also share your thoughts with us on Twitter with @VizionWeb and #googlemarketingnext. Google’s keynote this year centered around the importance of the customer being at the heart of our all of our marketing efforts.
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    [Twitter] Gifs in Social Media Marketing
    One Twitter post by Climate Council is a perfect example. Platforms like Twitter are making it easier than ever to insert gifs into posts, partnering with Giphy to make use faster and more convenient. Ah, the gif. It’s not a photo. It’s not a video. It’s a category in its own right – a file format that speaks loudly to consumers across a variety of social media platforms.
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    [Twitter] Five Pitfalls of the Impatient Digital Marketer
    One example of this is when an impatient digital marketer fails to properly research a hashtag before posting to Twitter. In today’s fast-paced business environment, you’ll most likely run into impatient digital marketers more often than patient ones. In the race to be the best, it can be difficult to take your time with a content marketing strategy or campaign. The most effective digital marketers are those who can meet the pace of a demanding workplace and spend time on the details.
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    [Twitter] Social Sharing: Top 10 Ways to Make Your Content More Shareable
    Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other platforms provide unique ways to interact with others and connect in a meaningful fashion. Part of the challenge of content marketing is getting the content you develop in front of the people who will find it most valuable. This typically involves generating content for use on multiple channels and platforms, and encouraging your target market to spread the word about your brand.
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    [Twitter] Wendy’s Twitter: An Example To Follow?
    Near the end of 2016, Wendy’s started sending Twitter users and competition to the burn ward. If you search for “ social media fails ” you’ll find a grab-bag of SEVERAL company Facebook and Twitter accounts retweeting and posting content that should have been given a second glance. Anytime a brand goes viral from a Twitter or Facebook exchange the words “fake account” get thrown around. The post Wendy’s Twitter: An Example To Follow?
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    [Twitter] 5 Would-Be Marketing Fails That Turned Into Gold
    One Twitter user posted a photo of the oranges with the caption, “If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them.” This decision met with widespread public outcry, bashing Starbucks for being anti-Christmas in more than 480,000 Twitter mentions of #MerryChristmasStarbucks. Marketers are only human, but some of the mistakes we’ve seen over the years go beyond simple errors and into the realm of total catastrophes.
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    [Twitter] Pokemon Go And Your Business
    You’ll be surprised what users are talking about on Twitter and Facebook. Seriously, this is just like when Facebook and Twitter came out. And like with Facebook and Twitter advertising won’t be available for a little while (though sponsored Pokestops are coming). If you’ve gotten online within the past week, chances are you’ve read something about Pokemon Go. Not sure what it is?
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    [Twitter] Learn From These 12 Social Media Wins and Fails of 2015
    The Mars Rover missions, in particular, generated significant interest on Twitter and other social networks. In the midst of allegations of animal rights abuse, the company decided to try to improve its online brand image with a Twitter campaign. FAIL – Starbucks tried to get in on the discussion of race with a Twitter campaign under #RaceTogether. Instead of downplaying the damaging effects of the article, the Twitter response directed more attention to it.
    [Twitter] NFL HTTP Status Codes
    So if you’re at home trying not to act like you’re not following along with what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter…. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! The two best teams in the NFL are going head to head to determine who will be the Super Bowl Champions.
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    [Twitter] The Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom – Google’s RankBrain
    I certainly don’t know for certain, but I have my thoughts… Social Spam / PR Spam / User Experience “signals”: Fake Twitter Profiles: . Funny side note: Here’s what I had to say about Twitter, back in 2009: BlogGoogle has, for the most part, finally figured out content spam (Panda) and link spam (Penguin) to a large degree. Google’s algorithm has gotten pretty damn good. But, the algorithm had essentially taken the knowledge of human programmers/engineers and applied this.
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    [Twitter] Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Focus?
    But some people in this group may also be active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While your direct mail message may come across as a sales pitch, your Twitter message may be endearing enough that people will be intrigued. And your website message (that you linked to via your Twitter, of course) may draw an intrigued person in. Twitter and Instagram feeds can give a face and personality to a business.
    [Twitter] Jason Miller Keynote: How to achieve face-melting content, marketing ROI
    Twitter. 2/3 of every professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn. They are there to be inspired, to learn and grow in their careers. LinkedIn’s content pages receive 7x the views that the career pages do. If you aren’t posting on LinkedIn you are missing out! Punk rock killed disco in the 80’s, that’s what content marketing is doing in marketing today. Don’t hate the media, become the media.” – Jello Biafra. You don’t need to become a content farm, Google has killed off the content farms.
    [Twitter] Dallas Digital Summit Day 1 – Seen through Tweets #ddsum15
    Heard at #DDSUM15 88% of #Twitter users are on #mobile #socialmedia w/ @KasiaMerge @KevinLCarrillo. The first day of Dallas Digital Summit was fun, educating and a blur to most who were running from conference room to conference room. The sessions were packed and lots of information was getting shared. We grabbed as many tweets as we could, some of them contain media so we apologize if the page loads slowly. Enjoy and please RT any tweets below that stand out to you!
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    [Twitter] Get Jolly With These Top 10 Holiday Content Marketing Tips
    Use Twitter Polls or an easy survey to engage with your audience during the holidays! Sometimes, trying to find the right content week after week gets tiring. The holidays can breathe fresh air into your blog, 3 rd party articles, social media campaigns, and more. However, you may want to think carefully about your audience to get the most out of a seasonal content marketing campaign.
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    [Twitter] Optimizing Old-School Marketing Essentials
    We’re not talking about those photos of scantily-clad young women that spammers use to get gullible Twitter users to click on links. Here are some examples of really good social media avatars we spotted among people we follow on Twitter. Like your avatar, your social media cover – that large photo on your Facebook page or Twitter profile – should let people know what is interesting about you. Facebook and Twitter, for example, measure the images in pixels – not inches.
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    [Twitter] Is Your Site Driving Users Crazy?
    But after getting frustrated, would you reach out on Twitter or Facebook? If there’s one thing that drives users insane on a site, it’s when things go a bit. awry—broken links, links that redirect to the page they’re already on, and many others. In this article, I’m going to address some of the more common issues as well as some ways to spot and resolve them quickly. Broken Forms and No Way to Contact Support. When people fill out a form, they are looking for some kind of response.
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    [Twitter] Currently Viral – May 21, 2015
    Given that it was David Letterman’s last show last night, Twitter is all abuzz with the hashtag #thanksDave. It did okay on Twitter. sang Dave away and are totally crushing it on Twitter this morning. Currently Viral – May 21, 2015. We all know reddit attracts introverted geeks and there’s nothing like a post that empathizes with the introvert’s social plight amid a sea of like-minded socially awkward redditors.
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    [Twitter] 7 Steps Towards Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader
    Platforms like Twitter make this type of networking almost effortless in business today. Growing a business to the level of thought leadership takes creativity, risk, and persistence in all areas of a company. We often suggest to our clients that to gain buzz, authoritative links and frequent social attention you have to position yourself as a thought leader. From branding to blogging, positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry won’t happen overnight.
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    [Twitter] 7 Steps Towards Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader
    Platforms like Twitter make this type of networking almost effortless in business today. Growing a business to the level of thought leadership takes creativity, risk, and persistence in all areas of a company. We often suggest to our clients that to gain buzz, authoritative links and frequent social attention you have to position yourself as a thought leader. From branding to blogging, positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry won’t happen overnight.
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    [Twitter] Currently Viral – April 22, 2015
    EarthDay Trending on Twitter. Here’s the trending Twitter stream , which has several gems in it: Happy #EarthDay ! Despite its dubious origins, Earth Day is mostly applauded the world over because we all want to leave an intact planet for our posterity, right? Right. Days like this are red meat for marketers, pundits, comedians, and polarizing social personalities. And all the more fun for us who are watching it all unhatch!
    [Twitter] The ABCs of Social Media
    How about Twitter? My son’s first year in school is going pretty well, and because it’s time for me to do another post here at Vizion, I thought I’d follow my post about the ABCs of SEO with the ABCs of social media. Oh, and for the curious, my son does know his ABCs. A is for automation. While too much automation can be a bad thing, when your schedule gets too hectic it can be easy for forget to post and promote content.
    [Twitter] Kill your Digital Marketing Competition in 2015
    Another social competitive item on our agenda is to use Twtrland to review your competitors’ Twitter profiles and so that you can add these to your list (the power users or influencers that Follow them). It also gives you the option to directly begin following desired Twitter users and showing their respective social authority score. Begin listening to not only the conversations socially about your company on Twitter, but your competition as well.
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    [Twitter] Vizion’s Internet Marketing Link Roundup [10/31/14]
    Some surprising stats on Facebook referrals and number two may come as a surprise to many who throught Twitter would have filled that spot. Latest Vizion Posts. . Online Reputation Management: Monitoring Tools for Brands to Try. link]. . Fast SEO Competitive Analysis Part 2: Competing Content Comparison. link]. Anything you can do “fast” in Search Marketing is important to me.
    [Twitter] Online Reputation Management: Monitoring Tools for Brands to Try
    For those interested in the Twitter commentary of thought leaders in their industries, Topsy is a go-to tool. In an increasingly digitized business and consumer climate, online reputation management (ORM) is more important to brands than ever. While the internet provides limitless opportunities for positive initiatives (such as marketing and relationship building), it also opens companies up to possible widespread reputation damage. .
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    [Twitter] Product Roadmap (Live Blogging From Bing Ads Next)
    Idea for Bing – Twitter add-on which captures email address and adds to your CRM. Speaker Paul Apodaca, Senior Director of Product Planning Big Ads. Ensuring Bing meets advertiser needs. Simplicity – Enabling advertiser success by providing efficiencies. Data – Insights & data that will lead to smarter business decisions. Scale – Delivering experiences that consumers want. Web UI works at scale: Multi-platform offering. Increase limits and caps. Mobile Experiences.
    [Twitter] How Bing fits into Microsoft’s strategy (Live Blogging From Bing Ads Next)
    Integration with Twitter/Facebook, and there’s more that they want to do. Well, it is not at all a surprise that Microsoft/Bing hosts a Seattle event with rain in the forecast for the time that I’ll be here. That said, Bing has been very gracious in their hospitality, and I really enjoyed last year’s event and I’m looking forward to what Bing has to share with us, today.
    [Twitter] Top 15 Places Your Local Business Needs To Be Seen
    Twitter. Twitter yields impressive results when properly used. Without time or priority, Twitter is essentially useless. Twitter is also a great tool for brand awareness. Gaining widespread exposure online means using the right local listings, review sites, and online directories properly to generate publicity about the quality of your business. Review this list to make sure you are making an impact on the community. Google.
    [Twitter] 10 Basic SEO Tips for Local Business Success
    Small businesses should consider blogs, Twitter, and Facebook an integral part of their strategy for gaining better ratings. Learning how to establish Google rankings is one of the most important aspects of effective marketing for a small business. Navigating Search Engine Optimization is sometimes overwhelming without the right strategy for success. Fortunately, remembering ten basic.
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    [Twitter] Social Media Wins And Losses Of The Last 12 Months
    While smashing all Twitter records, Ellen slyly made a plug for Samsung merely by taking the photo on one of the company’s smart phones. Twitter’s uncontrollable force doesn’t always move in the right direction. Although the company published a sincere apology, the backlash from the Twitter community consisted of thousands of retweets and angry responses. Social Media Marketing Twitter Marketing Social media campaigns always involve a certain level of risk.
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    [Twitter] Internet Marketing Link Roundup [7/11/14]
    An Introductory Guide to Cross Channel Remarketing on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. “An Link Building Tips to Amplify Your SEO. “A A few simple but powerful ways to amplify your link building efforts.” – Joshua Titsworth. Why Mobile Matters – Now. Still dragging your feet on mobile? Great read on why you shouldn’t be.” – Joshua Titsworth. Content Alone Can’t Build Links. Did you build great content to get links? Great, but it’s not enough.” – Joshua Titsworth.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JULY 7, 2014
    [Twitter] Digital Marketing: Strategies and Tactics for Social and Search Success
    Utilize social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.). While often used synonymously, strategies and tactics are terms that are intricately related but different in scope. It is important to understand how these terms are linked in order to achieve your company’s overall marketing goal. Once your business has a goal, you need a plan for how to achieve that goal. . Defining a good goal for a digital marketing campaign can be challenging.
    [Twitter] Can Email Be Responsive? ·
    Share This: Twitter. When it comes to marketing, email consistently outperforms other channels like Facebook and Twitter. Twitter. Issue ? Can Email Be Responsive? by Jason Rodriguez. May 13, 2014. Published in Layout & Grids , Responsive Design. ? 33 Comments. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the popularity of HTML emails. And, like the web before it, the inbox has officially gone mobile—with over 50 percent of email opens occurring on mobile devices.
    [Twitter] Comparing Average Open Rates for B2B & B2C Email Newsletters
    Enter your email address: Follow me on Twitter. 1-905-844-4247 10am-3pm EST. Your Email Marketing Questions Answered FAST! Blog, News & Articles. About. Services. Email Production. Products. Traffic Generation Videos. Contact. Email Templates. RSS Feed. 16 Aug. Comparing Average “Open” Rates for B2B and B2C Email Newsletters. Posted by Boris Mahovac - Your Ezine Coach. A recent Marketing Sherpa article about average open rates published this interesting chart.
    [Twitter] Responsive Email Design | Campaign Monitor
    Case study: Twitter. Integrations. Gallery. Log In. Features. Pricing. Agencies. Resources. Customers. Support. Sign Up. Campaign Monitor. Our Template Language. Free Email Templates. Guides. Will it Work? Responsive Email Design. Resources. Guides. Responsive. Targeting devices with media queries. Guides. Guide. Chapters. Why optimize your email for mobile? Design techniques. Coding mobile emails. Building responsive layouts. Targeting devices with media queries. Images and mobile.
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    [Twitter] Internet Marketing Link Roundup [5/2/14]
    Twitter Header Update. Did you get the new Twitter layout yet? Free Local SEO Education for Businesses on a Shoestring Budget. Invest the time to learn how to get your local business off to a great start with this Free Local SEO education guide.” Gary Huhn. Conversion Rate Optimization (#CRO) for Lead Generation Websites. Tips to help increase new business via conversion rate optimization for lead generation websites.” Gary Huhn.
    [Twitter] Email Marketing - Three Email Marketing Improvement Challenges for 2014 : MarketingProfs Article
    You can also follow Karen on Twitter ( @SyncMarketing ) and Facebook for daily tips and links to emerging email and social media marketing trends, facts, and research. Twitter. MarketingProfs uses single sign-on with Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to make subscribing and signing in easier for you. SocialSkim: Twitters Big Week, New Facebook Ads, Game of Thrones, 4/11/2014 at 10:00 AM Social Media. Follow Us on Twitter.
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    [Twitter] Internet Marketing Link Roundup [4/11/14]
    How to Get More Twitter Followers without Even Trying. “Do Do you or your client need more followers on Twitter? Google: Our Algorithms Picked up on Your Keyword Stuffed Page. Interesting, the basics of SEO still ring true today!” Josh McCoy. Study: 78% of Local Mobile Searches Result in Offline Purchases. Local and Mobile can drive sales/leads online but also do the same offline!” Josh McCoy. SEO for Ecommerce: A Comprehensive Guide.
    [Twitter] How one B2B publisher rejuvenated a stagnant enewsletter business
    Twitter. Social. Facebook. LinkedIn. Emerging. Engagement. Tools. Mobile. Tablets. E-readers. Smartphones. Mobile Web. Geolocation. Monetization. Advertising. Content Strategy. Daily Deals. E-Commerce. Hyperlocal. Lead Generation. Marketing Services. Paywalls. newsletter mobile longtailseo
    [Twitter] SES Chicago 2013 Day 2 Recap
    Use Twitter Ads to promote content. It was a great day in Chicago at Search Engine Strategies which was jam packed with insightful information. While there were sessions on Paid, Social and much more you can tell I am favoring the content marketing vertical this year. After listening to several speakers today the mutual vibe was to create great content and let it be the bridge between Search and Social. Here we go… . Badass Blogging: Best Practices to Enhance your Customer Reach.
    [Twitter] Are Flipboard and Currents marketing partners or scams that take advantage of publishers? — Tech News and Analysis
    Twitter. Twitter is extremely timely, I turn to it when I find out something news breaking. We have a major presence on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter provides the same aggregating, skimming, browsing function but provides a very different pay off for publishers since readers visit the site’s in question. Focus group of one: I use both Twitter and Flipboard to keep me up to date on news and relevant business info. Twitter. Events. Research.
    [Twitter] 12 examples of native ad disclaimers on media sites
    Twitter. Social. Facebook. LinkedIn. Emerging. Engagement. Tools. Mobile. Tablets. E-readers. Smartphones. Mobile Web. Geolocation. Monetization. Advertising. Content Strategy. Daily Deals. E-Commerce. Hyperlocal. Lead Generation. Marketing Services. Paywalls. longtailseo
    [Twitter] Native Advertising 101: Understanding the native continuum — paidContent
    Twitter. Sponsored content on Buzzfeed, “brand stories” on Facebook, promoted trends on Twitter — all of these are commonly cited examples of advertising gone native. Twitter ramps up TV ad push with new CBS deal. Your Twitter feed will soon contain clips from CSI or 60 Minutes thanks to the companys new. Twitter. Events. Research. GigaOM. Finance. Tables and Charts. paidContent 50. Coming up at GigaOM. Editorial. Events. Meetups. Webinars. More events.
    [Twitter] Livefyre acquires Storify to expand its social-media curation platform — Tech News and Analysis
    Twitter. Twitter. Livefyre, a provider of comment-hosting tools for online publishers that has been expanding into other areas of social content, has agreed to acquire Storify — a service that allows users to curate conversations from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Twitter can help you beat the spread on NFL bets, kind of. Twitter Music app launches on Spotify. Twitter. Events. Research. paidContent. Apple. Cleantech. Cloud. Europe.
    [Twitter] Which metrics should publishers be using in Google Analytics?
    Follow him on Twitter or connect via Linkedin or Google+. . twitter. Skip to content. Privacy and cookie policy. Log In. Subscribe. Basket. Contact Us.
    [Twitter] A September 11th Image You Won’t Be Able To Get Out Of Your Head
    To retweet this image on Twitter, go here: September 11th Picture from Space. While today is a day of remembrance in our great nation, we are flooded with images, news stories, personal stories and the like all over social channels and main stream media. While I searched for one of the best images of the 2 million bikers flooding DC right now, I came across this one. And this one is the one I chose to share today. The images of the bikers are powerful, yes.
    [Twitter] Content Marketing: Scale or Fail
    Today’s consumers often turn to brands’ Facebook pages and Twitter channels before visiting their Websites, making brands the publishers. . Content marketing and communications have come a long way. Just a couple of decades ago, marketing messages were pushed through newspapers, TV, radio broadcasts and print media. They were one-way push marketing. Journalist were considered elite and hard to reach.
  • VIZION  |  THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 2013
    [Twitter] Manage Your Online Reputation; Avoid a PR Nightmare
    Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even your blog, are all open for customers to leave feedback. When someone writes a negative review about your business or starts a thread on a forum; it’s not fun to deal with negative publicity, no matter how large or small your brand is. Ideally your company already has a solid action plan and protocol in place for times like these. You can’t just bury your head in the sand and pretend the problem is not there.
  • B2B MEMES  |  MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013
    [Twitter] Time to Surf the Wave of the Personal Brand
    The Perils of Corporate-Personal Twitter Names. Politico’s version of the negotiations describes how NYT executive editor Jill Abramson and Washington bureau chief David Leonhardt fought hard to keep Silver at the paper because they saw his “brand within a brand as a wave of the future,”. Mathew Ingram’s recounting today of blogger Nate Silver’s leap from the New York Times into the welcoming arms of ESPN underscores a trend B2B journalists and editors ignore at their peril.
  • VIZION  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013
    [Twitter] Facebook Now Supports #Hashtags, #WTH?
    Following the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Vine and many other social profile websites, Facebook announced earlier this month that they would be supporting the topic organization system better known as #Hashtags. Twitter user Chris Messina created the hashtag as we know it today back in 2007, and every day since, it’s been engrained in our everyday life. Facebook couldn’t help themselves and had to jumped on the hashtag bandwagon.
  • VIZION  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2013
    [Twitter] Latest on Webspam Combat from Google
    Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan, confronted Matt Cutts on this very issue on Twitter, advising that he thought it would just “cause more confusion”. Google is at it again – threatening and punishing sites or networks that sale or distribute paid links. It’s the same ole song over and over again from Matt Cutts and Google’s Webspam team.
  • VIZION  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2013
    [Twitter] 2013 Atlanta Digital Summit Rocked!
    Leveraging Twitter in the B2B space Trish Nettleship, Dir. Who is the Twitter audience, 100% listen and 60% tweet. It has been an absolutely great time here in Atlanta at the Digital Summit. Vizion stayed busy sponsoring a booth and speaking with several attendees. This year’s content was great as well. From SEO to video marketing and email marketing to social media strategy, attendees looked like they were having a great time, as were we!
    [Twitter] 8 great responsive media sites
    Twitter. Social. Facebook. LinkedIn. Emerging. Engagement. Tools. Mobile. Tablets. E-readers. Smartphones. Mobile Web. Geolocation. Monetization. Advertising. Content Strategy. Daily Deals. E-Commerce. Hyperlocal. Lead Generation. Marketing Services. Paywalls. responsive longtailseo design
  • VIZION  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 2013
    [Twitter] Top 10 Stats on the Current State of Social Media Marketing
    7. 36% of all marketers have found a customer via Twitter in 2013. 8. 59% of Twitter users have visited B2B tech brand sites, compared to 40% for the average internet population. As inbound marketers, we’ve all scratched our heads at times wondering just how effective social media marketing is. We understand that it’s about priceless brand exposure. We can never get enough of that.
    [Twitter] Winds of change blow more briskly through B2B media
    Twitter. Social. Facebook. LinkedIn. Emerging. Engagement. Tools. Mobile. Tablets. E-readers. Smartphones. Mobile Web. Geolocation. Monetization. Advertising. Content Strategy. Daily Deals. E-Commerce. Hyperlocal. Lead Generation. Marketing Services. Paywalls. longtailseo
    [Twitter] The newsonomics of recycling journalism
    The ideas, first applied as part of Meredith Integrated Marketing, are simple: Editors and publishers know to create engaging content-based experiences; Big brands — and many smaller merchants — need better engaging content-based experiences if they’re going to do anything with all the growing number of potential customers their advertising and search/social (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) About. Contact. Subscribe. Speaking. Press. Mobile. Outsell.
    [Twitter] The Newsroom of Tomorrow: What Happens When Editors Have Data
    Many, if not most journalists have now found their way onto Twitter and, like Andy, are using the conversation and its data to great success. When we arm editors with data – particularly with more of the right social data – you will see them exploit social media and social sharing, not to the benefit of Twitter or the social channel, but for the purpose of driving people back to their property.
  • VIZION  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 2013
    [Twitter] Don’t Photo Bomb Your Own Content Marketing
    What hashtag conversations are on Twitter that you can join in? Online marketing today primarily consists of two heavy-weights that go hand-in-hand: content marketing and social media marketing. Brands use content marketing as a primary factor in their social media efforts. Today’s consumers are not only tech savvy but they are reputation savvy.
    [Twitter] Harnessing a Blogger Network
    Campaigns range from blogger-based programs to visual social network projects and Twitter-based programs. ); E-Mail Alert Sign-Up. --> Subscribe Now. --> Media Kit. --> About FOLIO. RSS Feeds. --> --> Bookmark FOLIOMag.com. folio. MediaPRO Community. Job Board. SEARCH FOLIO: Search. Connect with FOLIO: Careers. Careers Home. Search Jobs. Add Your Resume. Featured Jobs. Newest Jobs. Job Seeker Login. Post a Job. Employer Login. Media Kit. Browse Jobs. Search Jobs.
    [Twitter] Master mobile navigation
    Twitter. 7:35PM Feb 13th via Twitter for iPad. A Future Site â?¼. Register. Login. Search: Print subscribers can now download.net's March issue (238)! Discover all of our 2012 in review articles! We reveal the top 50 books for web designers and developers. Check out our shop for subscription offers, buy single issues and more! Have you broken our 10 New Year's resolutions for designers yet? Tutorials. Features. Interviews. Opinions. Premium. Mobile.
    [Twitter] LinkedIn eyes future as professional publishing hub
    Connect With CNET image Facebook Like Us image Twitter Follow Us image Google + Add Us image RSS Subscribe image Mobile Download Now image Newsletters Subscribe Now. Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Newsletters RSS.
    [Twitter] Announcing The Social Editorial Suite
    News Media Optimization Social benchmarks feature optimization product launch social management TwitterToday marks another milestone for Visual Revenue and the data-driven editor. For us, that's easy to say, because we’ve spent many months working on this new product with the team, our customers, and other guiding editors to whom we look for input (ie., "Thank you, Associated Press").
    [Twitter] TECH: Bayesian Instant Headline Testing
    You can email me at: jeroen.janssens@visualrevenue.com or you can follow me on twitter at: @jeroenhjanssens. The Visual Revenue platform provides a number of great tools that support editors to optimize their front page. Instant Headline Testing is one of those tools. The quality of a story headline greatly influences its click-through-rate (CTR). Front page editors therefore spend a lot of thought coming up with the right wording to engage their readers.
    [Twitter] How Social Media Helps Brands Connect to Social Consumers
    Twitter is staying affront by releasing Vine. Facebook Marketing Interactive Marketing Social Media Marketing Twitter MarketingHave you ever been on Facebook and posted a request to your friends to recommend a great restaurant in a city you’ll be visiting? Did you notice ads starting to populate on the right side of your page for restaurants in that city? That’s Facebook’s ad campaign picking up the keywords in your post and giving you what you want.
    [Twitter] 26 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013 | OMI Blog
    helps publishers deliver their content to their Twitter and Facebook accounts from RSS feeds. I also followed you on Twitter. Classes. Events Calendar. Contact Us. About OMI. OMI Blog - Internet Marketing Training Courses & Certification Programs. 26 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013. On 01.09.13, In Content Marketing , by Kari Rippetoe. Content marketing is so hot right now. No, really, it is.
    [Twitter] TIME.com Redesign: a Responsive Global News Site | TIME.com
    Twitter. Facebook Twitter Tumblr LinkedIn StumbleUpon Reddit Digg Mixx Delicious Google+. TIME has already been a leader in the social-media space, with nearly 4 million followers on Twitter and large user bases on Facebook , Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare and Instagram. Twitter. How to Explain CES to Regular People An Unbelievable Scene from the Consumer Electronics Show Your New Year's Resolutions for Using Twitter.
  • VIZION  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2013
    [Twitter] 13 Resolutions for Your 2013 Search Campaigns
    Twitter content is more successful with links and images. Get the most out of your search and social media campaigns this year by taking inventory now and making these 13 actions part of your best practices. Make measurement a priority in 2013. IIf you’re not able to track the ROI of your search campaigns (or worse yet, don’t know what ROI is or what your goals are), move this initiative to the top of your to-do list.
    [Twitter] 7 Social Media Tactics Your 2013 Budget Needs to Succeed
    Then distribute this content on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in addition to social sharing. ); //. Marketing News & Expert Advice. ClickZ Awards. ClickZ.asia. ClickZ Academy. Search Engine Watch. SES Events. Topics Stats & Tools Training & Education Jobs White Papers. Subscribe to Newsletters. Touch Edition. Marketing.
    [Twitter] The Publishing 2013 Checklist
    Follow Digiday on Twitter. Search. Digiday. Main menu. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. BRANDS. AGENCIES. PUBLISHERS. PLATFORMS. EVENTS. Get Digiday Emails. Follow Digiday on Facebook. The Publishing 2013 Checklist. Josh Sternberg 01.02.2013. Tweet. The digital publishing business isn’t easy. And in the last year, publishers started experimenting with additional ways of generating revenue.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2012
    [Twitter] 13 Great Topics to Boost Blog Traffic in 2013
    I could also give you a list of top influencers to follow and engage with on Twitter or a list of top SEO experts and their blogs. Use what is trending on Twitter and Google+ to not only join in the conversations directly on those channels, but also for your blog. Don’t forget the hashtag on Twitter. Each new year brings about new ideas and first attempts. Many companies have blogs that are not living up to their potential.
    [Twitter] 'Quartz' Grows Roots in Social, Mobile as Traffic Nears 1 Million
    Within social, Delaney says Twitter is Quartz s number one referrer, followed by Digg, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn -- an unusual assortment for a business publication. Im surprised to learn that Twitter and Digg are your two biggest sources of traffic among social networks. We believe pretty strongly in Twitter as a global platform for news media… We encourage our staff to use Twitter, and take a Twitter-friendly approach to headlines. Mashable.
    [Twitter] Pinterest for Business
    Pinterest offers businesses a variety of valuable marketing advantages, including an increased number of links, traffic, and leads as well as a built-in Facebook and Twitter connectivity features that allow pins to post automatically to other social media channels. It is also helpful to have your other social profiles set-up, such as Facebook and Twitter, so that you can link to these and get more exposure for your pins.
    [Twitter] A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page
    You should follow Oli Gardner on Twitter | Google+. Oli writes about conversion centered design and is one of the main voices of the Unbounce Twitter account. Oli writes about conversion centered design and is one of the main voices of the Unbounce Twitter account. Landing Pages & Twitter. (11 Using Twitter to enhance, promote and measure your landing page campaigns. Twitter. Build, Publish & A/B Test Landing Pages Without IT. Support | Log In or.
    [Twitter] Welcome to the new and improved, leaner and faster Engadget
    engadget on Twitter. Engadget. Reviews. Events. Podcasts. Engadget Show. Buyers Guides. Features. Videos. Galleries. Topics. HD Mobile Alt Announcements Cameras Cellphones Desktops Displays Gaming GPS Handhelds Home Entertainment Household Internet Laptops Meta Misc Networking Peripherals Podcasts Robots Portable Audio/Video Science Software Storage Tablets Transportation Wearables Wireless.
    [Twitter] Dallas Digital Summit Day 2 Recap
    They are not just promoting Twitter through one profile, they have 100 twitter profiles through multiple verticals to maximize reach. Pinterest has higher average order value and referral shares than Twitter or Facebook. 1/3 journalists use twitter for sources. It was another busy day at Dallas Digital Summit. Between speaking and running our company booth we were able to get out to a couple sessions to soak up some of the great knowledge being delivered!
    [Twitter] Subcompact Publishing
    Twitter, too, is something of a platform built for the bubbling emergence, but with their reluctance to offer good archives, Id place it more in the broadcast category than publishing category. Twitter for minimalists. Twitter archives and the sendai quake. Twitter | RSS | Old Archives. Follow @craigmod. craigmod. ← Home. bio / Speaking / Essays Explorers Club Ahab! Bibliotype PRE/POST. POWERED by FUSION. home → journal → Subcompact Publishing. Tweet.
    [Twitter] Users Still Like to Copy and Paste When Sharing Content
    Yeah, Its Happening-- and It Affects Journalism Strategy on Twitter Why Instagram’s Web Profiles Could Benefit News Organizations. Enter Our Twitter Contest to Win a Free Job Pack. Winners will be announced tomorrow at 12:15 pm ET via our @Mediabistro Twitter account. Twitter. 10,000 Words on Twitter. 10,000 Words Twitter feed loading. Follow 10,000 Words on Twitter. LostRemote. SocialTimes. Allfacebook. AllTwitter. MediaJobsDaily. FishbowlNY.
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