[Firefox, Navigation] 4 Essential Areas to Analyze During Your Next Technical SEO Audit
    When JavaScript is disabled, can the user still effectively navigate through the site and see all pertinent content? In order to view the source code hit CTRL + U for a PC on all browsers and OPTION + COMMAND + U for a Mac in Safari (for a Mac be sure to enable the Develop menu in the Advanced tab for this shortcut to work in this browser), COMMAND + U in Firefox, and OPTION + COMMAND + U in Chrome.
    [Firefox, Navigation] Tool Tuesday – Your Browser and the Google Index (Part 1)
    While we use a lot of tools here at Vizion Interactive, I have found that the best way to do this type of discovery is using the tools that are available to everyone; a good web browser (Firefox or Chrome), my brain (and the knowledge I have built up over the past 15-20 years), the website in question and the actual search engine indexes themselves (bonus if you have Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools too). Firefox Chrome.
    [Firefox, Navigation] 30 Free SEO Tools to Improve Website Performance
    XML sitemaps make it easier for search engines to navigate your site, and having an up-to-date, properly formatted sitemap could make a huge difference to both the crawl rate and your overall indexation. Wappalyzer is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that discovers what technologies are being used on a website. Considering that search engines can’t view images or watch videos, you will be presented with body content and text navigation.
    [Firefox, Navigation] Google News at 10: How the Algorithm Won Over the News Industry
    For maximum compatibility we recommend upgrading to a newer version of IE , or another browser such as Chrome , Safari , or Firefox. Skip Navigation. Your browser is no longer supported. The Atlantic Home. Sunday, September 23, 2012. Follow the Atlantic » Politics. Business. Entertainment. International. Technology. National. Health. Magazine. video. CAMPAIGN DASHBOARD. Full Coverage. Must Good Conservatives Muzzle Themselves? Conor Friedersdorf. No One Left to Race Bait.
    [Firefox, Navigation] What Google's Penguin Algorithm Means for Your Business
    Duplicate content because of navigation flows (1 of them had 2.8 Firefox Lists. Firefox. Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. People Recommended Mashable Staff More people. Jobs Events Try Our New Social News App Welcome to Mashable!
    [Firefox, Navigation] Duplicate Content in a Post-Panda World
    This most frequently happens when navigation links from secure pages – like shopping cart pages – also end up secured, usually due to relative paths, creating variants like this: Ideally, these problems are solved by the site-architecture itself. If you want the root version of the URL to be canonical, but then link to “/index.htm” in your navigation, you’re sending mixed signals to Google every time the crawlers visit. (6) Log in. Sign up. Feedback.
    [Firefox, Navigation] 3 Commandments for the Next Online Content Leaders
    In an age when anyone with an iPhone or a Twitter account has essentially become a broadcaster, users must navigate the clutter of digital content to arrive at trusted sources. Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. People Recommended Mashable Staff More people. Jobs Welcome to Mashable!
    [Firefox, Navigation] Why Browsing Is So Important to Content Discovery
    Experiences like these sit at the heart of browsing — aimless navigation by subject or genre that brings you to something unexpected, yet ultimately rewarding. Furthermore, their connections are a sort of a sprawling metropolis, not the neat, navigable shelves and sections of a library. Why We Need to Bring Back Browsing Browsing gives information seekers a high-level sense of what exists within a collection, while presenting easy entry points to explore the unknown.
    [Firefox, Navigation] Technical SEO: Tools and Approach
    Navigations and crawl paths: While similar to crawl efficiency and accessibility, crawl paths are really the pathways given to a search engine. Are navigations smart and not simply boilerplate and the same on every single page type? While browsing this site as Googlebot and then again as Firefox (using the User Agent Switcher in Firefox), different responses are recorded. Are you a Search Engine Watch Member? |
    [Firefox, Navigation] HOW TO: Activate Your Brand's Super Influencers
    based advertising agency seeks talented Manager for our Innovations Team, which develops marketing and digital breakthroughs to help our clients navigate the emerging media and.
    [Firefox, Navigation] Launching a New Website: 18 Steps to Successful Metrics & Marketing
    My rule is to test anything that has higher than 2% market share, which currently means ( according to Royal Pingdom ): Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Since Google Analytics documentation is so confusing (multiple versions and async modes) and hard to navigate, its so nice to see clear and concise instructions on how to execute a successful analytics plan.
    [Firefox, Navigation] How PR Pros Are Using Social Media for Real Results
    “Visualization [is important] because we really need to be able to make these streams come alive and make them navigable, otherwise you’ve got death by data, pure and simple. Forums were the social media before, though not so easy to navigate (and prone to spam, and a little closed-circle-ish). View More » Dev & Design Mozilla Gives Firefox a New Add-On fo.
    [Firefox, Navigation] Feedly and Lazyfeed Help You Navigate the Information Rapids
    Keener Living life management + learning + technology Home About Tunes Links eBook September 23, 2010 You are here: Home / Productivity / Feedly and Lazyfeed Help You Navigate the Information Rapids Feedly and Lazyfeed Help You Navigate the Information Rapids July 21, 2009 2 Comments So much interesting information is added to the web every day that it is virtually impossible for us to keep up with it.
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    [Firefox, Navigation] Saving Your Content from Web Clutter
    Until very recently, Safari, Apple’s Web browser, has for me always come in a distant second to Firefox. Without devices like logos, in-line links, and navigational aids, the Web isn’t the Web. But with the latest update to Safari, that may change. A new feature in Safari 5.0, Reader , is a compelling tool for reducing an article on the Web to its essence: the words. That such a tool is necessary underscores just how unfriendly to readers most Web sites have become.
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    [Firefox, Navigation] Checklist for Changing Your URL Structure
    When you’re updating your internal links you should start with your navigation, footer links, and HTML sitemap. SEO.com - Search Engine Optimization SEO & Internet Marketing Company About Services Case Studies Blog Contact Us 800.351.9081 Get a Free Ranking Report Request a Free Proposal SEO Blog Checklist for Changing Your URL Structure Dan Patterson , April 22, 2010 13 Comments Share In SEO there are a lot of little things we can tweak to help a site rank better.
    [Firefox, Navigation] Solving Site Architecture Issues
    In principle, the further down a navigational hierarchy a page is, the less authority it receives from the page above. A flattened site architecture The solution to the problem we’re introducing in this diagram is to think carefully about the number of steps from top to bottom your navigation takes the user. I gave an example at the conference of using CSS based navigation techniques to “view all&# links.
    [Firefox, Navigation] The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet
    As with Safari, similar rendering issues exist when viewing the page with Firefox. Login Register Go PRO SEOmoz.org Daily SEO Blog Pro + Free SEO Tools Search Marketing Guides User Powered YOUmoz SEO Services Marketplace SEOmoz Store Learn More About SEOmoz Blog Keep up to date with the most current News, Tips & Highlights from the search marketing industry with the daily SEO Blog.
    [Firefox, Navigation] SEM Insights » How to Write Effective Title Tags & Other On-Page Stuff
    From a pure SEO point of view, and taking keyword research and use into consideration, the most important on-page elements are the following: • URL • Title tag • META description • Headers • ALT attributes • Link/Navigation Structure • Copy General consensus, with which I happen to agree, allows that the Title tag is the most important of these. First make sure your web design is compatible with IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari, and the rest are too small to really worry about at this stage.
    [Firefox, Navigation] 35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action
    New York Times is beta testing a Firefox Firefox reviews add-on that allows users to share and comment on stories through a decentralized social network.
    [Firefox, Navigation] SEOmoz | The Long Tail Theory Gets Challenged, Just Not in Search Query Demand
    The only browser I can get it to work right in is Firefox. :( Anyway,Tudi, you've very deftly managed to illustrate my point. Thumbs Down Thumbs Up 1 thumbs up, 0 thumbs down Reply Private Message Permalink AlanBleiweiss Tue (12/23/08) at 01:03 PM Uh, isn't Firefox the only real browser? Login Email Password Remember?
    [Firefox, Navigation] Anatomy of a Google Filter/Penalty (or how not to do nofollow PR sculpting) | SEO Scientist - Applying the scientific method to SEO
    That move involves change in on-page optimization, so I am thinking, since there are changes about to be done on the site, why not throw in nofollowing of the majority of navigation links, according to the recipe - link love flows from homepage to all the inner pages and from inner pages only to homepage and pages I want ranked. I remove the nofollow from the site navigation. This task can be somewhat automatized by using Google Global Firefox extension.
    [Firefox, Navigation] The SEO Guide to Information Architecture | AudetteMedia
    IA overlaps with several other disciplines, including navigability, user experience, and interface design. The combination of organization, labeling, search, and navigation systems within web sites and intranets. There’s nothing more annoying than being a native of Germany and having to navigate to www.domain.com/german/index.html instead of www.domain.com/deutsch/index.html.