[Cost Per Sale] How Well Do You Know Your Amazon Target Market?
    Without customers you won’t have any sales. But even if it would be nice if your product appealed to everyone, the truth is that making broad marketing efforts will only fall flat, and you won’t get the sales you’re hoping for. If you’re starting a business or working to market a new product, your initial ideal customer may be very different from the most successful demographics for sales. Your most profitable keywords will be the ones with low cost per sales rates.
    [Cost Per Sale] The ROI of PPC Beats Most Advertising Opportunities
    To protect client identity and competitive advantages, I can’t share the spends or sales volumes, but I can tell you that the lion’s share of revenue came from Pay Per Click. The best ROI results came from: Pay Per Click advertising Text ad placements on locally-focused websites The advantage of some of these local placements is that the cost per click can be much lower than what you pay in AdWords- at times, 50% less or more.