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    [Content] Doing curation right
    In that sense, it’s much more efficient at driving you to quality content than say an old-fashioned RSS reader, because the RSS reader has no built-in human quality-control filter. There would be a large team of smart editors, who would be in charge of finding great content from around the internet. No biz-dev deals allowed: the only way to get content onto the site is to be found and liked and paid by one of the editors.
    [Content] Finding B2B Social Media Tools That Add Value – not Just Time
    [Content] Leo Sei Discusses Optimizing for Every Moment with Adwords Scripts at DDS 2016
    Check out more interviews with the DDS 2016 digital marketing pros, on our blog: Ann Handley | Bestselling Author of Everybody Writes & Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs. Vizion had the pleasure of speaking with Leo Sei at this year’s Dallas Digital Summit 2016. Leo is a product manager for the Google Adwords team at Google.
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    [Content] Tool Tip Tuesday: Sometimes Digital Competitive Intelligence is more than Just Search Marketing
    Website Content. While my heart lies in the world of SEO, there is no doubt that the world of SEO is surrounded by other digital factors that impact your campaign success. For other SEOs, fear not, this is not a bad thing. However, we must understand and also accept that if we are going to gain competitive intelligence about our competitors we have to think about other great nuggets of info outside of just SEO and PPC factors that can help us succeed in our digital marketing campaigns.
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    [Content] Dos and Don’ts When Using Social Media on Mobile for Your Business
    Many faux pas occur because professionals and individuals forget to think about the content and its ramifications before sharing. . Mobile devices offer an unprecedented amount of freedom in the workplace. Some companies advocate a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, and others distribute employee devices to make communication with colleagues, prospects, and clients easier. Once upon a time, mobile devices were primarily used for email and calls in the business world.
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    [Content] Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Focus?
    Twitter and Instagram need a steady flow of content to stay relevant. Focus is a good thing; it’s helped many a team win a game, many students pass a test, and many employees finish a project. Learning to buck down and get things done can be beneficial in all areas of life. But when it comes to marketing, sometimes too much focus can actually hurt. Businesses today have a multitude of marketing channels at their fingertips.
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    [Content] 404’s: A Great Way to Lose Site Traffic!
    Simply go to the Content section, filter to 404 pages and do reverse path research to note where the referring source, keyword and such have brought about the 404. 404 errors, dead pages, bad links, whatever you like to call them are a great way to increase your bounce rate, decrease your online revenues and make you look sloppy.
    [Content] Search Engine Optimization Tip 36: How to Remove a Page from Google
    Either FTP access to your website or maybe even access to the content management system that you’re using will be needed. This is Search Engine Optimization tip number 36 in my continuing series of Search Engine Optimization tips. All of these search engine optimization tips are meant to be specific in nature, they will not take that long to review, and are directly to the point.
    [Content] Washington Post launches Trove, a social-media news aggregation site
    Trove, which went live on Wednesday, pulls news from 10,000 sources across the Internet and sorts content by what a user's interests are. Users can personalize content on the site and in apps by adding or subtracting "channels" that filter news on specific topics such as Google, Osama Bin Laden, books and sports. Subscribe/Manage Account Place Ad LAT Store Jobs Cars Real Estate Rentals Classifieds Custom Publishing Business HOME LOCAL L.A.
    [Content] SEO Tools - Search Engine Optimization - PPC - Keyword Research | Best Rank
    Client Login Start ranking today, call for a FREE quote (858) 427-0825 Home Services Holistic Search Engine Marketing Organic SEO PPC Management Social Media Marketing Web Development Local Search Optimization Video Search Marketing Content Writing Call Tracking Consulting SEO Training Tools Anchor Text Analysis Back Link Check Check Page Status Codes Link Searching More Tools.
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    [Content] 3 Common Image Issues Dragging Down Your Page-Load Time and How to Diagnose Them
    To evaluate total image weight contributing to a page, run the URL test on, and then click on the “Content Breakdown” link in the main navigation. There’s no doubt page-load time is a very hot topic in SEO right now and has been for the past several years when it officially became a ranking signal for desktop devices in April 2010.
    [Content] Experian Hitwise :: Google Receives 71 Percent of Searches in September 2009
    [Content] The Return Of The Publishing Genius
    Content can be created anywhere and consumed everywhere, so every producer has gone from living comfortably in their offline sandpit, to a fight to the death in a borderless, endless, ocean. For the longer term, I would suggest taking a deeper look at reader behavior including searches within a publisher site, what pages and content are engaging audiences most, etc. Yahoo Lifts The Curtain On Its Home Page Content Algorithm, C.O.R.E. Home |. News |. Columns |.
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    [Content] 8 Key Questions to Ask a Potential B2B SEO Consultant or Agency
    It can include website redesign, internal linking, content creation, and a number of other items. Selecting your search engine optimization (SEO) consultant or agency is about more than just money. Your SEO strategy can virtually decide the fate of your company. Business-to-business (B2B) owners should not underestimate the importance of hiring the right SEO consultant. Finding a B2B SEO agency is an art and science that requires effort for optimal success.
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    [Content] Don’t Limit Your Local SEO Resource Options Looking Only Locally
    Local SEO also relies on link building, content, keywords, and other website optimization factors – all relevant to local searches. “Shop local” seems to be the millennial mantra, and they aren’t the only ones – consumers of all demographics have grown in their support of local small businesses. More and more users are conducting searches for businesses “near me,” or local brands that are in their neighborhoods.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2017
    [Content] SEO Consultant Or SEO Agency: Which Is Best For Your Business’ Needs
    A good agency will gather together the brightest minds in the industry with specialists in each sector of SEO – semantics, keyword research, site design, content, etc. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can be what sinks or floats the “ship” of a modern web-based business. SEO is at the heart of what allows a brand to thrive in an age that places such great importance on the web. The SEO consulting services you choose can make all the difference in your company’s success.
    [Content] 5 Ways to Enhance Your Google Local Business Listing
    Obey local SEO best practices according to Google’s latest algorithms in terms of content, website design, usability, page speed, and overall performance. Supporting local small businesses has always been a priority to Google. If a user performs a search for something like, “Japanese restaurant,” or “grocery store,” Google will automatically show the top three venues (called the “local pack”) within a certain radius.
    [Content] Which are the top tools and apps: The results « The Cube
    Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Which are the top tools and apps: The results 27/09/2010 by Gemma Went A couple of weeks ago I started a survey to find out which business tools and apps you guys can’t live without. Which tools do you use to share content across platforms? It isn’t, I’m in god company Secondly, a proper digest of the content.
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    [Content] How to Keep Your Online Goals Relevant in Business Today
    Map online activities to business goals – How will a content campaign generate business? Many companies look at business goals on a yearly, maybe even a quarterly, basis. However, they may not evaluate how their online goals fit into the overall picture. As a result, many executives look at online efforts as a nonproducing expenditure and cut the digital budget.
    [Content] How Social Media Helps Brands Connect to Social Consumers
    Regardless of the social media platform(s) you are using, remember to use visual and engaging content to connect with your audience. Have you ever been on Facebook and posted a request to your friends to recommend a great restaurant in a city you’ll be visiting? Did you notice ads starting to populate on the right side of your page for restaurants in that city? That’s Facebook’s ad campaign picking up the keywords in your post and giving you what you want.
    [Content] Using only experts for recommendations
    In particular, I think it suggests a good alternative to content-based methods for bootstrapping a recommender system.
    [Content] Six Steps to Better Blogger Relations
    Enter your Email Complete Content Feed MB Radio Feed PR BlogJots Feed Most Popular Get Our Printed Magazine Subscribe for Free Support Our Sponsor More Articles & Commentary » The Future of Ink on Dead Trees » The Spy Who Doesnt Love You » Marketing in a recession » PR and reputation management: when should the towel be thrown in? » Facebook: Your Content is Ours To Sell (Maybe) Advertisements © Copyright, Eaglon, Inc.
    [Content] Inventing some new KPIs for SEO
    Worrying yourself sick over "duplicate content penalties". Stephan Spencers Scatterings The Scattered Wisdom of a scientist turned web marketing virtuoso January 2009 S M T W T F S >> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 RSS Feeds Latest posts Latest comments Search The web marketing blog of Stephan Spencer : founder and president of interactive agency Netconcepts , journalist, professional speaker, and Internet marketing consultant.
    [Content] Illustrating the Long Tail
    Illustrating the Long Tail Posted by randfish on November 24th, 2009 at 1:55 am Keyword Research The long tail of search demand has been around since the dawn of web search and, since that time, search marketers have been attempting to tap into the powerful stream that high quantities of unique content can provide. Best practise is surely to create big volumes of naturally put together content. (A removing the hurdles and exposing a site's content to the bots.
    [Content] The Curation Buzz. And PearlTrees
    During content creation and governance discussions, client pitches and creative brainstorms, Ive watched this word gain traction at almost warp speed. Curation is one of the three pillars of his new company: C-Change Media - Content, Curation, Community. - Subscribe to SVW - Subscribe to SVW by email - You should follow me on Twitter here - Send me a friend request on Facebook and LinkedIn.
    [Content] Feedly and Lazyfeed Help You Navigate the Information Rapids
    It then goes through the entries in those accounts and finds tags that it thinks you are interested in (based on blog content, Twitter content, and so on).
    [Content] SEOmoz | The Long Tail Theory Gets Challenged, Just Not in Search Query Demand
    Thumbs Down Thumbs Up 3 thumbs up, 0 thumbs down Reply Private Message Permalink Tudi Tue (12/23/08) at 01:26 AM A client that I currently work with is in a niche (travel) where the top 20 for main keywords is covered by authoritive sites with multi-milion dollar budgets and they have the brand, popularity and content creation possibilities to come out on top for these keywords. You have to ALTER the great content that was ALREADY driving traffic on the keywords it NATURALLY contained.
    [Content] 2012 FOLIO: B2B Media CEO Survey
    The pattern was similar with the large publishers, of which 24 percent invested in computer hardware and software, 18 percent on website enhancements and 23 percent on content management systems. Content recommedations from Evri. Webinars, Content & Events. Content Licensing. Mobile Content. Mobile Publishing: Repurposing Your Content to Create Highly Engaging Apps. ); E-Mail Alert Sign-Up. --> Subscribe Now. --> Media Kit. --> About FOLIO.
    [Content] Should You Build Links for Competitive Terms or the Long Tail of Search? | SEO Design Solutions
    Skip to content Home SEO Services SEO Blog About Us Portfolio/Clients Get Free Quote Contact Us Call 866.471.5377 for free SEO analysis! Aside from competition, domain age, your hosting environment and server side issues it really is ultimately up to the content, the links and the variety of methods you use to augment website authority such as link building , web 2.0 keywords from the content in the body of the page are now enough to produce a top 10 ranking for a long tail search.
    [Content] How to do long tail SEO?
    4: Good content with a variety of related keywords. Atticus #:705609 8:43 pm on June 7, 2005 (utc 0) Use a search term suggestion tool to look for adjectives people use to describe the content of your site. The most important thing is to keep adding content so you catch more and more of the various terms that are used. Tail SEO in a nutshell: Build more keyword-rich content, and get it indexed.
    [Content] Introducing Zite, the iPad's Smartest Magazine Yet
    Does Flipboard really help you discover content that got buried in your Twitter feed overnight? A lot of [Zite beta testers] came back to us and said, ‘Thank goodness, here’s something that gives me my content and more, but filters it for me.’ Human curated content is nice. Delivering content to people based on what they’ve previously read. Great content!
    [Content] Information Aggregators and Dashboards
    The creative use of widgets, RSS feeds, and mashing up data feeds can create new and useful content around salient issues, particularly of the long tail variety. In fact, you can use the Alltop model to create your own aggregator on the WordPress content management system for community news and local activist networking. Compassion in Politics: Christian Social Entrepreneurship, Education Innovation, & Base of the Pyramid/BOP Solutions Front Page Mission | About Web 2.0 &
    [Content] Opt-in Email Newsletter Popup Best Practices for 2012
    We believe this is due to the user still be able to see, but not reach, content behind the dimmed background of the page caused by the newsletter popup. In fact if anything it brings more visitors because of the newsletter content sequence. If I were to take a guess, I assume it multiplies the annoyance factor but interrupting while they are actually engaged in your content. Our Services. About Us. Our Blog. Contact Us. Filter by Category. Advanced LPO Techniques.
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    [Content] Blogger Outreach: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
    Images, Video, Links, and content) Make sure to remind the Blogger of the new FCC Guidelines , play by the rules! Reply Kieran says: May 5, 2010 at 5:18 pm A lot of valid points but for me there are just 2 main components of a blogger outreach strategy – 1) offer something of value – meaningless content / product / promotions are pointless. Call Us Today!
    [Content] Flipboard's original pitch to Robert Scoble
    It seems like a bit of a grey area to me since we're on the bleeding edge of a new era of content (especially when you're talking about flipboard on an ipad!). It needs far more intellegance on how it orders content, and they should add Google Reader RSS sync. H owever, for discovering content from sources you'd never have subscribed to, Flipboard is GREAT.
    [Content] 10 Ways to Diagnose a Google Penalty
    Copy a long phrase from your page and search Google for the exact match - make sure this very page (not the home page, not other sites scraping yours) is ranked #1; Check if your URL can only be seen by adding &filter=0 to the search URL - or clicking on the “show omitted results&# link (this means you were hit by the duplicate content penalty); Any other?
    [Content] Twitter Marketing: Why You Don't Need to Mass Follow Twitter Users
    They also want the ability to make specific content go ‘viral’ and become popular by sharing it with their followers. A carefully cultivated list of 1000 followers can beat a list of 10,000 twitter followers anytime when it comes to spreading content or getting traffic/sales. If you put out an interesting tool or piece of content, you’ll get interest. Especially if its great content. you always making great content.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, MAY 16, 2016
    [Content] Learn From These 12 Social Media Wins and Fails of 2015
    Companies may need to spend more time creating content for these platforms, but that extra development could save them from a haunting lapse of judgement. Social media allows companies to reach audiences in authentic and immediate ways. Sometimes, companies hit the mark and create worldwide trends, and sometimes they fail miserably.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015
    [Content] 7 Steps Towards Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader
    Blogging continues to create influence for businesses, but gaining a loyal following requires consistency, fresh content and relevant information for the industry. Growing a business to the level of thought leadership takes creativity, risk, and persistence in all areas of a company. We often suggest to our clients that to gain buzz, authoritative links and frequent social attention you have to position yourself as a thought leader.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015
    [Content] 7 Steps Towards Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader
    Blogging continues to create influence for businesses, but gaining a loyal following requires consistency, fresh content and relevant information for the industry. Growing a business to the level of thought leadership takes creativity, risk, and persistence in all areas of a company. We often suggest to our clients that to gain buzz, authoritative links and frequent social attention you have to position yourself as a thought leader.
    [Content] Using Microformats to extend Web Analytics tagging
    Having said that, I would like to suggest a different route, one that I in particularly talked about in my Adobe acquisition of Omniture post – where I suggest that the content and tracking marriage will be won or lost on a Web OS level. The traditional Web Analytics industry, tend to bring up the concept of a universal tag (a common data collection tracking script) now and then.
    [Content] How PR Pros Are Using Social Media for Real Results
    Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! All we need now is a smart tagging tool for all the good content out there that waits to be rediscovered (while we're at it we could start an antique shop for web content/sites - kidding).
    [Content] The Pros and Cons of Twitter Newspapers
    Simply put, a social media newspaper automatically summarizes the content of user-selected tweets (and Facebook content) based on user-defined criteria (such as a Twitter list or hash tag). Those who aggregate content are often referred to as “curators.&# Only as good as your criteria –The contents of your social media newspaper will only be as good as your criteria (and your followers).
    [Content] The New World of Member Engagement – Webinar Series
    to leverage current education offerings and content to jump-start member engagement. Young Association Professionals , Aggregage , Association Universe and Infinite Conferencing are are excited to bring an amazing series of interactive webinars on how association professionals need to think and act differently to drive member engagement. The world has changed and we’ve brought together thought leaders from a wide variety of perspectives to help with this new world.
  • VIZION  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018
    [Content] How to Set Up Google Search Console in 5 Easy Steps
    Do not alter the content of the file or its name. Google wants your website to succeed. The search engine powerhouse has proved this again and again with the incredible tools it offers businesses and website owners. One tool you shouldn’t pass up is Google Search Console. Google Search Console is the new name for the suite formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools (GWT).
    [Content] Google Chrome’s Plan to Distrust Symantec Certificates
    You know, hiding page content that seemed superfluous since it was indexed on the Desktop, those extra contact options that seemed redundant on the smaller screen, or those extra menu options that didn’t fit well into your hamburger style mobile menu because they were at the 3 rd tier or below and that many narrowing sub-menus just seemed like an annoyance…yeah, all those things. In a web-enabled world, we always seem to be moving faster, working harder, and getting more done.
    [Content] 10 More Free Social Media Tools Every PR Pro Should Master (Part Two)
    PR Value : If you want as many people as possible to access your content, then this is a no-brainer - get it done! PR Value : This is great to ascertain the value of content, providing a method / system to ranking posts in order of importance. FeedBurner FeedBurner is a service that helps generate a feed for your site / blog - it then helps deliver content and provides stats on usage. Pages. Home About Connect Got something?
    [Content] Benefits of Optimizing for Long Tail Search
    Writing keyword rich content Make sure you use a variety of keywords on every page of your Web site. Creating content-rich pages Make sure that the pages that you create and optimize have good content that will get indexed and attract more visitors / prospects. Internet Marketing Sign up | Login | Languages: English ??????? ??
    [Content] Blogger Outreach is Media Relations
    – how will you track coverage and sharing of your content on and off the Web? I’d add one tactical piece of advice: ‘Remember the retweet’: Retweeting bloggers’ content on Twitter is a great way to build relations. Journalistics Home About Subscribe Blogger Outreach vs. Media Relations by Jeremy Porter on September 30, 2010 I’ve seen a lot of buzz for blogger outreach lately.
    [Content] How Bing fits into Microsoft’s strategy (Live Blogging From Bing Ads Next)
    Q&A: Andrew Goodman – “Someone might find a piece of content…lead generation/monetization of Bing – can you provide examples”? Well, it is not at all a surprise that Microsoft/Bing hosts a Seattle event with rain in the forecast for the time that I’ll be here. That said, Bing has been very gracious in their hospitality, and I really enjoyed last year’s event and I’m looking forward to what Bing has to share with us, today.
    [Content] 8 Ways We Deceive Ourselves With Metrics (And How To Avoid Them), Part I
    Marketing Biz: Personalization, MindMeld & Tumblr Metrics Affiliate Marketing Down Under: Australia’s Untapped Opportunities 8 Ways We Deceive Ourselves With Metrics (And How To Avoid Them), Part I Designing For Dynamic Email Messages The Content Boss: Who Heads Content Marketing And What Falls Into Their Purview? 12 Content Research Tools You Should Be Using people have tweeted this article. Home |. News |. Columns |. Social Media |. Search Marketing |.
    [Content] Google News at 10: How the Algorithm Won Over the News Industry
    As an addendum to this line of logic, Google staffers will often mention the fact that participation in Google News is voluntary; publishers who dont want their content crawled by Googles bot can simply append a short line of code to make themselves invisible. Google tries to figure out what would help news producers to produce better content, he told me, and responds accordingly. And how do you translate all that into the user experience -- the content placed on a page?
    [Content] The Long Tail and Social Media
    Well written and keyword researched content remains online indefinitely and attracts an enormous number of search engine visits over time, a benefit not enjoyed using other media. The long tail has recently become a major buzzword both in business and online. The long tail concept is rather abstract, so it can help to look at concrete examples. Let’s look at examples from my blogging experience. The Long Tail of the Search.
    [Content] Why Brands Should Build Their Own Social Communities
    SocialEngine does this by allowing businesses to control the direction and flow of information and content, which Benzer believes increases the likelihood of turning a brands fans into customers. Sections. Social. Mobile. Enterprise. Cloud. Small Biz. About. Contact. Advertise. Privacy. Search. Follow us. Share. Share… on Facebook. on Twitter. on Google+. on Linked in. by Email. Social. Mobile. Enterprise. Cloud. Small Biz. Hot Topics. Microsoft. iPhone 5. Music. Politics. YouTube.
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    [Content] How to Do Keyword Research for PPC
    In the modern age there are many ways to search for content on the internet. Keywords are words and phrases that customers and audiences search for in Google and other search engines. Advertisers and businesses bid on the right for their link to come up when people search for those words. Google runs these auctions, charging advertisers for each click based on the quality score and bid. This is one of the most basic, yet relatively unknown processes in online advertising.
    [Content] Three Social Media Questions Associations Should Consider in 2009
    We took unique advantage of social media and also provided a central place for all event-related content. Custom Media Craft Conversational Media Hammorati Team Hammock People Home / What We Do / Print Digital Video Consulting Case Studies Portfolio / Print Digital Video Clients Awards Blogs / Custom Media Craft Conversational Media Hammorati Team Hammock People About / Our story People Affiliations Subscribe Jobs Contact Contact Blogs « Do You Hear That Tweeting Sound?
    [Content] SEOmoz | A Long List of Competitive Link Searches
    It makes me glad Im in the content and linkbaiting business more these days :) If youve got competitive searches to add to the list, please do! is a search engine that aggregate content from online travel agencies, tradicional and low cost websites. Login Email Password Remember?
  • VIZION  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6, 2012
    [Content] Should You Hire a Fresh, New Graduate or a Digital Marketing Firm to Head Up Your Social Media Marketing Campaign?
    They have skills in persuasive writing, content creation and mobile apps. Summer is upon us and that means universities nationwide are cutting loose their communications and new media graduates out into the real world job market. These new graduates are eager, young, full of passionate energy and have silly smiles plastered all across their faces. They come armed with the latest smart phones and tablets (clearly graduation gifts) and they know how to use them.
    [Content] Google Penalties | SEO Nightmares
    SEO Nightmares Google Penalties Known Google filters and penalties You probably have a Google penalty when your site (or an important page) suddenly disappeared from the index. You will recognize this by lower traffic and lower sales. But if your site had a steady ranking (for a longtime) for a specific keyword phrase and suddenly the usual ranking drops ten or twenty pages, then this also sounds like a penalty.
    [Content] Someone please build Google Reader + Techmeme
    You click on a feed, read the content you want, “mark as read&# the rest, move to the next feed repeat. That is, many argue that its purpose is best suited for the consumption of varied content more so than productivity. Jarred Taylor • com / life / web / law / etc. Someone please build Google Reader + Techmeme View Comments December 2nd, 2010 @ 1:39 pm // Posted in Thoughts I haven’t seriously opened Google Reader in months.
    [Content] 35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action
    Ford publishes news releases with lots of multimedia content and employs a social media news release format to display them in their newsroom. Marriott CEO Bill Marriott posts regular updates and stories from his travels to Marriott properties around the world to fuel the content for this entertaining blog.
    [Content] Crowd-sourcing faceted information retrieval
    But it remains alive and kicking – and remains popular and relevant to modern web developments with weekly RDF dumps made of its rich, categorised, crowd-sourced content for Linked Data purposes. AJAX content made discoverable.soon ► September (1) Yahoo!
    [Content] The Wisest Person’s Guide to Long Tail Keyword Marketing - Barry Wise NJ SEO and Marketing Consultant
    The Wisest Person’s Guide to Long Tail Keyword Marketing July 2, 2008 | Barry Wise | Search Engine Optimization This morning I took a look at my incoming search keywords on Google and found I ranked first for the term, “who are wisest people all over the world.&# Unfortunately, I don’t even appear on the first page of results for the more grammatically accurate term, “who are the wisest people all over the world,&# but I figure that’s OK.
    [Content] Anchor Text Loses Influence and Building a Brand Becomes Even More Important
    However, it is indeed useful to show Google other content on the site related to that perfect anchor text (links to internal pages) – so a couple of links referring internal pages (as many as possible) will really make a difference ’cause #1 and #2 didn’t do that, they got links only to one single page. Besides, diversity of root domains and links to internal content has always been ranking factors, sadly, supressed by perfect anchor text.
  • VIZION  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Content] Tool Tip Tuesday – Your Browser, Your Website and Search Engine Indexes – Part 3
    content (that is good for a user, but builds in targeted SEO phrases), indexability (not wasting a bots time and providing smart signals) and finally, simply building a site where SEO and usability work hand-in-hand. What we saw and how we provide directions to correct it. So, we have identified a few opportunities using just our browsers and advanced queries on the Google and Bing indexes combined with some simple Webmaster Tool account reviews.
    [Content] Defining Subscriber as an online News Media metric
    Feeling a tad unsure on the legitimacy of the above metrics, I wanted to see if Ann Moore was quoted elsewhere, and Rafat Ali did indeed do an interview which was published on paid content, and in it you find the following quote : - “The average reader of Sports Illustrated delivers about $118 to the bottom line in Time Inc. I just finished Ken Doctor’s Newsonomics book and took note of several items, that I wanted to touch upon over a couple of posts, in the next coming weeks.
    [Content] 100+ Search Engine Marketing Resources - Online Marketing Blog
    I will take all of these in mind. :) Anyway, I can see that you have put hard work through your contents. Online Marketing Blog TopRank's internet marketing blog on the intersection of social media, digital public relations and search engine marketing.
    [Content] PR Tools That Don't Rhyme with Focus or Vision
    If you have content you want to share across social media, you may want to try PitchEngine for your next release. link] was born out of the quest to find a faster, more effective way to exchange press releases, photos, videos and social media content – between companies, journalists and other interested users – on their own terms.
    [Content] The Long Tail of Page One Rankings
    For those of you unclear what a long tail keyword is, here is an example from my own blog: how to use swfobject to provide alternative content for seo – Sure, that could have been the person’s first query, but it also could have been their third or fourth, right? So the important question is, do you have content that can rank for long tail keywords? It was refreshing to have so much useful content.
    [Content] Responsive Email Design | Campaign Monitor
    By using a simple media query that applies a percentage width to elements (instead of fixed widths like 320px), its possible for your newsletters to feature content that has a standard desktop view, but below a certain viewport width, stretches and contracts to fit. Integrations. Gallery. Log In. Features. Pricing. Agencies. Resources. Customers. Support. Sign Up. Campaign Monitor. Our Template Language. Free Email Templates. Guides. Will it Work? Responsive Email Design. Resources.
    [Content] Long Tail SEO Strategy Delivers Gold
    Inbound Marketing Strategies, SEO, Social Media Marketing Actionable Tips, Trends, Interviews with Successful Online Marketers Long Tail SEO Strategy Delivers Gold May 30th, 2009 by Bernie | Filed under SEO. I recently wrote an article for our Optimize newsletter about the importance of aligning goals with plans. The gist of the article is that if you have big goals, your plans better match up or forget about reaching your goals.
    [Content] Comprehensive Keyword Analysis: It Is Not All About Keyword Research Tools
    The deeper you understand the topic, the richer your content becomes and the more “occasional&# search referrals (those you didn’t optimize for) you are likely to get. Search Engine Journal Subscribe via RSS or email: Comprehensive Keyword Analysis: It Is Not All About Keyword Research Tools March 9th, 2009 by Ann Smarty | 5 Comments Keyword research is not (or shouldn’t be) just about creating a list of keyword phrases a surfer uses when performing a search.
    [Content] Curator: Another hat to wear
    In order to collect the best content and put it together, someone’s got to figure out what’s best. As learning leaders, we wear a lot of hats. Just like in fashion, the popularity of these hats tends to come and go, but there are classic ones that never seem to go out of style. Which of these hats is on the shelf in your closet?
    [Content] Using Social Media: Part 5 – Blogger Relations
    All content copyright Cece Salomon-Lee, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Blogger Social 2008. . This is the fifth post in a 6 part series on how I using social media. In this fifth installment, I discuss blogger relations. . Blogger Outreach”. While I would consider blogs an integral part of any “traditional” public relations strategy, blogs are somewhat unique compared to reporters at traditional publications.
    [Content] Must-read research report on the Long Tail of natural search
    Stephan Spencers Scatterings The Scattered Wisdom of a scientist turned web marketing virtuoso January 2009 S M T W T F S >> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 RSS Feeds Latest posts Latest comments Search The web marketing blog of Stephan Spencer : founder and president of interactive agency Netconcepts , journalist, professional speaker, and Internet marketing consultant.
    [Content] Search Illustrated: B2B Long Tail SEO
    Members also get access to exclusive video content, a members-only weekly & monthly newsletter, plus more. First Time Visit? Start Here! Home News Features Columns How To Newsletters & Feeds Members Only Events Community About Us MEMBER LOGIN > | BECOME A MEMBER > Column: Search Illustrated Search Illustrated: B2B Long Tail SEO Jan 29, 2008 at 7:04am ET by Elliance It’s hard to dispute that the Long Tail is an important concept in Search.
    [Content] PR and Blogging Outreach: Practical Tips
    Read the blog first : Don't assume that you know the content of the blog by the title. Note: this is the second of two guest-posts from PR guru-ess Cece Salomon-Lee on how Web 2.0 has changed the practice of PR. The first covered macro issues; this piece focuses on how PR professionals can best approach bloggers. In my first post on PR and blogging , I had discussed the macro issues impacting the quality of outreach—both traditional media and blogging.
    [Content] Dallas Digital Summit Day 1 Recap
    Video is a complement to but not a substitute for Content. Opening Keynote. Alexis Ohanian Co-founder Reddit. You have to earn every single user. The internet is a level playing field. Have an idea and start doing it. Instead of opening a factory you only have to open a laptop. Unprecedented growth only happens in an interconnected web. Make something people want. Amazing, Reddit has spent $500 on advertising in the last 7 years.This was on stickers! Good design is winning.
    [Content] Search Engine Theme Pyramids and Google
    On the use of subdomains in theming, they can be very helpful in separating the content. Exact same HTML (except for the links back to other content on the site), but the page received a diminished PR. Exact same HTML (except for the links back to other content on the site), but the page received a diminished PR.
    [Content] Eye-Tracking Google SERPs - 5 Tales of Pizza
    The question now is where the brand must put that content? Great post it just goes to show how blind we really are to the search results and how we need to be doing everything we can in the titles and snippets to really stand out from the crowd (as well as appearing the with/in other page one content areas such as videos, places and shopping). Content & Blogging. - Featured Content. Popular Content. Content & Blogging. Log in. Sign up. Feedback.
    [Content] The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet
    thx Thumbs Up Thumbs Down 2 up, 0 down Reply Permalink g1smd April 30th, 2008 at 3:44 pm You talk about heading tags, but I like to point out that all content should be in a container of some sort: those are headings, paragraphs, lists, tables and forms. In a lot of cases, it's better to leave the alt attribute empty rather than repeat content that's been written out elsehwere. By using absolute URLs, I turn all of the links in the scraped content into links to my site.
    [Content] What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing
    Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Small business Business Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip!
    [Content] How to Drastically Increase Subscriber Numbers to Your Email Newsletter
    The Pop Over on the other hand is a form that appears, hovering over the content on the page, after a certain predetermined time frame. You can also use what they call a ‘lightbox’ which allows you to have the rest of your content fade and for the form to fade in, slide in from above, below or a side etc. Writing Content. @ProBlogger Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging - ProBlogger. Forum. Workbooks. Make Money. Archives.
    [Content] The Twisted Psychology of Bloggers vs. Journalists
    Click on the icon, and all the contents of bloggers vs. journalists are displayed. are useful shorthand for referring to a particular type of content and method of publishing, but are mostly bullshit made up to promote proprietary services when the platform started to explode in popularity. They were a useful way of taking the universe of individual content and channeling it all into formal (proprietary) channels, for better or worse.
    [Content] Rethinking Blogger Relations Exploring the intersection of communications, marketing and social media Skip to content About Contact Pitching Tips « Blogging vs. Twitter: A Different Kind of Commitment Blogging vs. Twitter - Commitment and Effort - Another Perspective » Rethinking Blogger Relations Is blogger relations worth it? Search engines: Online content with a positive tone can help build companies’ reputations through Google search results.
  • WWW.SEO.COM  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2010
    [Content] Checklist for Changing Your URL Structure
    This can potentially create a huge duplicate content problem and split your link value. - Search Engine Optimization SEO & Internet Marketing Company About Services Case Studies Blog Contact Us 800.351.9081 Get a Free Ranking Report Request a Free Proposal SEO Blog Checklist for Changing Your URL Structure Dan Patterson , April 22, 2010 13 Comments Share In SEO there are a lot of little things we can tweak to help a site rank better.
    [Content] SEO: Metrics That Matter | Practical eCommerce
    Skip to: Main Navigation | Page Content | Page Navigation | Footer Practical eCommerce Search: Search Home Articles Blogs Podcasts Directory Job Board Newsletters Create an account or Sign In SEO: Metrics That Matter June 17, 2007 · by Stephan Spencer Print Article Email to a Friend 5 Comments Comments RSS Out with the old, in with the new. Worrying yourself sick over “duplicate content penalties.”
    [Content] A Question of User Expectations
    As organizations open up their closed domains to user generated content the curated content becomes diluted and we start to lose ground on the query elaboration front. The Noisy Channel BOOK COMMUNITY ABOUT DISCLOSURE ← Pluralistic Ignorance and Bayesian Truth Serum A Question of User Expectations October 25th, 2010 · 5 Comments · General Ideally, a search engine would read the user’s mind.
    [Content] SEO For Multiple Word (Long Tail) Queries
    Modifying site maps with descriptive, keyword rich "long tail" phrases will provide an additional layer of data for search engines and make it clear to users seeking access to the content they really need. Professional SEO Company - Stay Ahead of Other Competitors SEO Solutions, For Your E-Commerce Websites SEO Copywriting - Why Content is King? Submit Articles Members Login Email Address: Password: Forgot Password?
    [Content] Natural Search Tactics for Retailers
    Ken covered keyword research, Jenny covered content optimization, Ian covered technical optimization, and I covered link building.
    [Content] Top Ten Things You Can Do To Get Blogged
    September 12th, 2005 at 7:10 pm Adverbe » Blog Archive » Conseils pour être blogué September 13th, 2005 at 7:55 am Bibis box September 13th, 2005 at 8:48 am Nivi : End Run Around Any Content Gatekeeper September 14th, 2005 at 1:09 pm reply Dan - February 8th, 2006 at 12:36 pm PST I think you left out probably the number one thing that will get you blogged, and that is (1) Provide great content!
    [Content] Dallas Digital Summit Day 2 Recap
    Provide content that is engaging and provide virality. It was another busy day at Dallas Digital Summit. Between speaking and running our company booth we were able to get out to a couple sessions to soak up some of the great knowledge being delivered! Hear are some highlights! . Email Marketing. Email Deliverability-The What, the Why, the How. Ryan Moss -YesMail. Gmail Blocks email marketing blasts. Ensure you are generating inbox measurement reporting before you begin campaigns.
  • WIEP.NET  |  SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2009
    [Content] Indispensable Link Building Tools |
    Link Building Tip 2 Set up a campaign in Google AdWords content network, to determine which (relevant) websites generate traffic and conversions. If you have trouble answering this question, youll probably be better off building remarkable, link worthy content first. Home About Wiep In Dutch Services Contact May 27 Indispensable Link Building Tools DIY Link Building A good link building toolbox is invaluable.
    [Content] Demographic Data in Yahoo Web Analytics and its Validity
    The chart illustrates individual message board’s relative popularity measured by content consumption in pageviews for both male and female visitors. Note: The following is a post by Jiri Brazda, who is the Founder of Optimics and Web Analytics Association Regional Manager for Eastern Europe. Go connect with @jiribrazda. It’s already been a year since Dennis announced the launch of Yahoo! Web Analytics 9.5 on this blog.
    [Content] Social Media Monitoring Tools: What’s Right For You?
    We specialize in broad global content with automated sentiment and the ability to have a complete self-service experience or work with our experienced knowledge engineers to refine your topics or provide expert analysis. Page One Public Relations Page One PR specializes public relations and social media services to Silicon Valley companies.
    [Content] Social Media Success Stories From Surprising Industries
    Thanks in large part to an in-house evangelist, Rick Short, they are now blogging regularly, creating video content, and engaging in social media conversations with their customers. About Us Contact Us Support Home Blog Portfolio Services Value Inbound Marketing Journal Social Media Success Stories From Surprising Industries Kuno Creative - Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Still not convinced that Inbound Marketing and its emphasis on social media fits your industry or marketing plan?
    [Content] Importance of Long Tail SEO for large companies
    about us | jobs | services | terms & conditions | privacy | contact All Content and Intellectual Property is under Copyright Protection © 2000-2009 by CEMPER.COM & Christoph C. Link Marketing Consultants – International Online Marketing Company: CEMPER.COM Want more traffic to your site? Call Us Now!
    [Content] Shopping Cart SEO Tips
    If there is no editorial content (text and picture) then there probably isn’t any need to have the page indexed. Rewrite or add content if you need to make it unique.
    [Content] Ecommerce SEO Focus - Long Tail Rules The Day
    It helps with duplicate content issues as well. Extra care should be taken to avoid duplicate content. SEO Consultant Home SEO Consulting Services E-commerce SEO Welcome Welcome to My name is Jason Capshaw and I am an Atlanta SEO Consultant who provides SEO advice and services. Contact me for more information. 770-473-1659 Jason (at) Aug 24 I have been working on several small ecommerce sites of late.
    [Content] Keywords That Click
    We should immediately warn you that many may find the content of this blog post disturbing. Home About SEP Services Careers Contact Blog Blog Keywords That Click by Barry Welford | Nov. 03, 2009 Keywords and click are two of the most popular words on the Internet. Countless readers will have visited this blog post because they realize the importance of those two words. If you think you know all there is to know about keywords you may be in for a surprise.
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