[Companies] Social Media & SEO – 4 Things You Need to Know
    Ads and actual websites take the first couple of spots, but after that you will likely see a company’s Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram in the search results. You can see what a company, brand, or individual is doing or thinking now , rather than wading through a website to find general information. In the same way, a construction company may want to have a lot of likes and positive reviews on Facebook.
    [Companies] The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Conferences 2019 – Start Planning Now!
    As part of the rebrand, the event is now centered around creating the ideal stack of well-paired technologies to optimize and market your company’s content. The New Year is just around the corner, and with it comes a new conference season for content marketing professionals. To find the best conferences, savings, and packages, it’s best to get a jump on the events you want to attend. Here are ten great conferences coming up in 2019: SMX West. Where: San Jose California.
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    [Companies] Discovering the Right Public Relations Strategy for Your Business
    After all, you have your own unique products, company history, and audiences to target. How many PR placements for your product or company do you want to have? Most businesses want to bring in profits, but underneath that is usually a stronger mission or company philosophy that informs every other aspect of your business. Customers don’t want to purchase products from a company that doesn’t have any purpose.
    [Companies] Content Marketing Strategy Tips for Your Business
    Most companies turn to content because it’s an effective way to market their brand and products. You can either establish a content manager in your company, or you can even work with an agency. For marketing, you’ll want your content to be relevant to your business and products, which ultimately eliminates topics that have nothing to do with your company. Content marketing is one of the most cost-friendly and effective ways to draw in new and existing customers.
    [Companies] What to Blog About? Check Out These Blog Topic Generating Tips!
    If your blog includes announcements or predictions about your company, you can also write a follow-up on how things have progressed since then. If you’re working on your content marketing strategy, then you know that you need regular content to be successful. That means coming up with new ideas to write about.
    [Companies] Best Company Newsletters of 2018
    Company newsletters can be a great way to reach out to existing and potential customers alike. However, to be effective a company newsletter needs to be more than a friendly reminder that your company exists. When it comes to the art of the company newsletter, some brands know just what needs to happen. To help you develop a killer newsletter strategy, here are some of the best company newsletters of 2018.
    [Companies] Public Relations vs. Marketing: Are the Two Becoming One?
    Depending on a company’s goals, it may measure a successful marketing campaign by sales numbers, profit, ROI, and other key metrics. Targeting public relations and marketing campaigns to specific audiences can help yield specific results, but many companies are seeing an overlap between the two. And since they have a common goal, it makes sense that PR and marketing would end up using the same techniques to leverage a company.
    [Companies] The Scoop on Evergreen Content: How to Create Your Own
    Many companies decide to push the envelope a bit and take on casual, comedic, and other tones to draw in their audiences. When it comes to marketing a website, online store, or business, content marketing is one of the most effective strategies out there. When you can provide your audience with content of value, you can engage them much better. Unfortunately, the value of content doesn’t always stay consistent, with some topics becoming obsolete as time goes on.
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    [Companies] Top 10 Email Marketing Best Practices With Examples!
    Emails can be a powerful marketing tool – which is exactly why so many companies take advantage of it. The drawback is that since so many businesses send out emails, recipients often have too many messages filling their inboxes day after day. And while it would be nice for marketers if customers opened every single email they received and read it all the way through, that’s often not the case.
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    [Companies] If You’re Not Already Advertising on Amazon, Don’t Miss Out!
    And sure enough, many companies are dedicating a portion of their advertising budgets to Amazon. Most of these shifts are from consumer packaged good companies, though there is some variance. By following best practices, you can find an approach that works best for your business – and maybe join the companies that are shifting their Google advertisement budgets into Amazon.
    [Companies] In Case You Haven’t Heard…Google Is Closing Google+
    However, due to recent developments, the company has finally decided it’s time to shut down Google+. As Google recognized the minimal success their platform was achieving, the company began to stop pushing Google+. The enterprise edition of the platform has a much more active user base, where companies can communicate with each other through a central corporate network.
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    [Companies] 2018 Social Media Wins & Fails
    But the ads weren’t annoying, and this company’s posts weren’t terrible either. Shortly after the new items hit the menu, the company “changed back” its name to IHOP. Turns out that the company wasn’t joking. This has got to be some of the best work I’ve seen a company do, and I’m not alone—thousands of people were on board with Domino’s fixing potholes. If you can make them love your company, they’ll love your product. It’s that time of year again.
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    [Companies] Social Media Sites for Businesses
    As a business, you can promote your products, content, and relevant company news all in one place, plus you can talk with your customers and even other brands. For your business, this may mean showing off your products and your company culture to those who stop by. What’s even better is that not all video campaigns have to be ads; you can also promote your company culture, have informative content from your team, promote customer testimonials, and more.
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    [Companies] Get the Most Out of Your PPC Spend by Calculating Your ROAS
    The goals of every company are different, so what counts as a healthy ROAS may vary. What may be a steady ROAS of 4 for one business may not seem so great for a company that requires a ROAS of 9 to remain profitable. PPC ad campaigns are a great way to spread your online reach without breaking the bank. Since this advertising method only requires payment when someone clicks on your ad, you’re not wasting money on advertisements that don’t go anywhere.
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    [Companies] Facebook Ads for Restaurants: A How-To Guide
    You can use this to establish an in-ad narrative for your restaurant – giving your company a voice that customers would not otherwise discover – or highlight particularly evocative imagery. Using Facebook ads for restaurants offers a highly customizable option for marketing your restaurant to new customers with a method that is easy to use and effective.
    [Companies] Amazon Advertising Strategies You Should Implement Now
    While display Amazon ads can be of great value to brands, they aren ’ t an all-in-one solution for companies who want to drive conversions. A click on an optimized headline search ad brings Amazon users to a page that showcases the promoted company. If your company doesn ’ t have the time, energy, budget, or manpower to dedicate toward optimizing your Amazon Advertising strategy, you could be missing out on major growth and sales opportunities.
    [Companies] Social Media Analytics: Tools You Should Check Out Now
    We manage everything, from spearheading your company blog to search engine optimization. You know social media is an integral cog in the marketing wheel, but do you know how to really get business rolling? Social media analytics. The right analytics supporting your social media strategy can give you the keys to long-term marketing success. Using the right social media analytics tools (many of which are free!)
    [Companies] Remarketing AdWords Tips: Beginner 101
    AdWords remarketing is most suitable for companies that already get a lot of website traffic. Forget first impressions – with Google remarketing, you have more than one chance to grab attention and cinch a sale. If you ’ re new to Google AdWords remarketing (now just Google Ads remarketing), you have a world of potential to discover. Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to optimize the results of your paid advertising efforts.
    [Companies] How to Use Instagram for Business With 7 Simple Tips
    Even service-based businesses can create a strong campaign by sharing your mission, company culture, and tips to your users. You’ll want your username and account name to be the same as your business, and your profile photo should be your company logo. Social media is one of the greatest tools for businesses working to enhance their online presence.
    [Companies] Beginner’s Guide to SEO for Restaurants
    This means that Google won’t misunderstand one element of your company’s information, in which case you would lose valuable SEO ranking because Google didn’t realize your Yelp listing is the same as your Foursquare info. If you haven’t heard of SEO – or search engine optimization – you’re missing out on an extremely powerful tool for content marketing.
    [Companies] 404 Error Page Design Tips
    Your company’s logo should also be visible from this page as well. A 404 Error page tends to be a frustrating experience for any internet user. Site visitors want to get where they intended to go without any major hiccups. However, a mistyped URL or an outdated hyperlink can lead the way to a web page that doesn’t exist. And when users experience this sort of error, it can negatively impact their entire experience and impression of your brand.
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    [Companies] Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants
    Think of good-natured Twitter “fights” between your two companies – though nominally aggressive, they work to build cross-promotion between your customer bases, particularly if you fill different food niches. Social media marketing for restaurants requires many of the same strategies for any social media campaign, but with specific focus emphasized on the unique nature that a restaurant has compared to other businesses.
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    [Companies] How to Create a CPC Strategy for Your Business
    One of the strategies that companies use is pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. However, Google does not always choose the company with the highest offer. The general rule states that you must pay slightly more than the second-ranked company offered. If your company sells ski equipment, for example, you will want to intensify your marketing right before and during the winter season and are likely to offer higher bids. Online marketing is difficult and complex.
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    [Companies] Long Tail Keywords: Find the Right Ones for Your Business
    It is becoming a necessity for companies that want to strengthen their online presence. One of the most effective ways to pull ahead of competing businesses is to optimize your website for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of tailoring the content on your site to appear high among the results of an online search. Implementing keywords is the simplest, most basic approach for improving your search engine rankings.
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    [Companies] 2018 Top Social Media Tools
    If you are looking for a fresh way to send your company newsletter, try Botletter for a change. Creating top-notch content for your social media accounts has become a full-time job. Trying to keep up with all the platforms and all your accounts can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Luckily, some great social media tools are available to help you manage your presence and get back to your business. Canva. Your unique branded images can make your account pop on social media.
    [Companies] Get to Know Pinterest Categories
    The best way to do this is to select the appropriate categories for your boards and company content. Pinterest is the third-most popular social media platform among adults in the U.S, with about 200 million monthly active users. Marketing with Pinterest is an important opportunity of which your business should certainly take advantage.
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    [Companies] Create Your Own RFP with These RFP Examples
    RFPs are part of the bidding process, in which a company that’s interested in procuring a service solicits written proposals from potential contractors and service providers. The point of the request is to ask for solutions for your specific company need. Background of your company. You will need to explain the purpose of the request and give a background on your company. Many companies benefit from looking at RFP examples to better model their requests.
    [Companies] How to Build a Google Analytics Tracking Code
    Google Analytics tracking codes enable companies to track and analyze how consumers interact with their content. Google Analytics helps companies get to know their customers and tailor the user experience according to big data. Don’t trust just any marketing company to handle your Google Analytics code builds.
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    [Companies] What You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management
    One misstep could derail a company’s online reputation. When consumers blacklist a company for poor customer service, low-quality items, or other mishaps it puts that company in a tough position. Although some positive outcomes can arise from a bad review , such as consumers seeing your company as honest and legitimate, too many marks against you can sink your brand. Online reputation management is the key to balancing company transparency with positive publicity.
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    [Companies] What is SEM? Search Engine Marketing Explained
    SEM allows businesses to skip steps and make it to the top faster, helping companies achieve positive results without the wait. The pay schemes differ according to the type of paid advertising a company wishes to invest in. Before you can start with SEM, you must first understand which keywords are right for your company to bid on. Knowing the best outlet to place your paid ads depends on your goals, company, and budget.
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    [Companies] Top 5 Successful Ways to Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner
    Before you can decide which keywords are best for your company, you will need to understand how to interpret the metrics the AdWords Planner generates for each term. Google offers a range of tools that business owners, marketers, and webmasters can use to effectively spread their messages online. One of the most popular is the Google AdWords Planner. The AdWords Planner helps you create robust keyword lists, primarily for use in pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns.
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    [Companies] Franchise Marketing and SEO 101
    Owning a franchise is different than owning an individual company. So, you’ve bought a franchise! Franchise ownership can be one of the most rewarding things you can do as a businessperson, but it can also be one of the most difficult. One roadblock that often stands in the way of maximum franchise success is tackling search engine optimization (SEO).
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    [Companies] 10 Google Search Operators Every SEO Should Know
    Using the info: modifier will give you search results that provide information about the desired website, person, or company. The same search without the info: operator only comes up with the company’s website and social platforms. Search engine optimization (SEO) centers on Google. Google is by far the top search engine marketers should focus on, as it is where businesses get the bulk of their visitors.
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    [Companies] Sign Up Now for the PPC Domination Webinar with SEM Rush & Vizion – June 21st!
    Listen to speakers from some of the top companies that experienced incredible growth in 2017 thanks to focused PPC ad campaigns. Give your name, email address, and company (optional) to receive further instructions on how to attend. Pay per click (PPC) advertising has not remained static since its debut in 1996. It has undergone several transformations, evolving with new trends and technologies.
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    [Companies] 2018 Complete Social Media Conference Guide
    A social media conference can keep your company up to date on the latest developments in social media marketing, advertising, and brand awareness. Social Media Week is one of the biggest events for marketers and managers who want to dig deep into the topic for the benefit of their companies. Speakers include company leaders at Airbnb, Facebook, and Bumble.
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    [Companies] How to Create a Successful Google Remarketing Campaign
    By showing ads to users after they leave the initial website, this strategy lets companies remain in contact with their visitors even after they’re gone. Google remarketing, also known as retargeting, shows a company’s value. No matter what a company seeks to gain with an Adwords campaign, there are benefits for everyone, such as: Reach people who have interacted with your business before through advertisements.
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    [Companies] How to Use Snapchat for Business
    Meant to be an interactive element of Snapchat, they provide information about your company as well as the products and services offered. Your company should maximize the benefits of focusing on its followers’ activities and letting them be the focal point of snaps and stories within Snapchat. With the social media boom of the last decade, it’s important for businesses to utilize these platforms in whatever way they can.
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    [Companies] Top 5 Questions You Should Ask During Your SEO Audit
    In the ever-crowded field of SEO, it’s hard to find someone you can trust for your company’s audit. Deciding on a skilled agency is an important hire for your company, as it will have the greatest impact on whether you get great results from your audit. Their answer to this question should also answer the following: Why did the company need an SEO audit? If a company can’t come up with its own strategy for an audit, there’s no reason to hire them.
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    [Companies] Top 10 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business
    Make it easier to pass your company’s information around. Pinterest isn’t just a billboard for your company’s images. Invite employees to contribute further to the company by helping with group boards. Social media platforms are just one way businesses can ramp up their advertising. For many users, the powerhouse known as Facebook comes to mind. However, according to its website , Pinterest is rapidly growing, with over 200 million monthly users already in existence.
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    [Companies] Why Any Business Should Consider an SEO Audit
    A company should always be on course with industry standards in their field, and that includes its website. Depending on the company and its in-depth needs, an SEO audit may contain the following: Website optimization. A quality SEO audit identifies any weaknesses within your company’s website. A company’s website needs minimal redirects for a quality experience. In today’s world, digital technology is constantly evolving.
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    [Companies] How to Do a Twitter Audit: Beginner 101
    Share Your Brand and Company Message. Make sure you’ve provided enough information in your Twitter profile about your location so people can find and connect with you, including your physical address, company website, and blog. Remember that your corporate image extends beyond the company’s account. By promoting content from other respected businesses, venders, and organizations, you effectively align your business with other successful companies in your niche.
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    [Companies] Increase Your ROI with These Google Display Network Targeting Tips
    Given its reach, the Display Network offers companies looking to increase profits from advertising dollars an effective platform to connect with the maximum number of prospective customers at minimal cost. Unlike the Search Network that puts a company’s advertisements in front of customers actively seeking its products or services, the Display Network allows a company to market itself with display ads on a range of websites and increase its visibility among consumers unfamiliar to it.
  • VIZION  |  THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2018
    [Companies] Are You Optimized for Voice Search? You Should Be!
    Taking their cues from changing technology and shifts in consumer behavior in recent years, astute companies have begun to adapt their SEO strategies to leverage voice search technology. As more consumers use their smartphones, tablets, and voice assistants to acquire information and make purchases through voices search, companies who choose to rely solely on mobile SEO risk obsolescence in a rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape.
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    [Companies] How to Do Keyword Research for PPC
    If the keyword research is to promote ABCmouse.com, then competitor keywords would relate directly to other companies, such as ABCya.com, GameClassroom.com, or FunBrain.com. Keywords are words and phrases that customers and audiences search for in Google and other search engines. Advertisers and businesses bid on the right for their link to come up when people search for those words. Google runs these auctions, charging advertisers for each click based on the quality score and bid.
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    [Companies] Mobile-First Indexing is NOT #FakeNews
    As I like to call-out, Google is not just a search engine, but also a content company. We here at Vizion have been stressing to our clients for many months now about the importance of implementing our mobile site optimization recommendations. In fact, we’ve been stressing it SO much, that we fear we may be sounding like broken records. But be warned, Mobile-First is NOT #fakenews.
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    [Companies] 8 Key Questions to Ask a Potential B2B SEO Consultant or Agency
    Your SEO strategy can virtually decide the fate of your company. Your B2B company isn’t like a business-to-customer (B2C), publication, merchandising, ecommerce, or hybrid business. A good remote SEO agency can tackle almost any project from afar with the same personal approach and dexterity as a local company. Selecting your search engine optimization (SEO) consultant or agency is about more than just money.
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    [Companies] Google Is Your Mobile-First Guidance Counselor
    There are so many people and companies writing content about Google’s impending change to true “mobile-first” indexing that it can make your head spin, especially with all the speculation of what it will take to do it right. That said, yes, I’ll also be writing about this same topic, but I’m going to not only focus on highlighting sources for best practices, but will also highlight just a few of the warning signs that were the early indicators that this was coming.
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    [Companies] How to Deal With Pages That Have Thin Content
    A lawn care company might try to rank for search phrases like “local arborist” or “horticulture expert near me” without any experience, training, or services that align with those two landscaping/lawn care subcategories. In the world of content marketing, thin content refers to poor quality. Thin content may follow all relevant SEO best practices but fail to deliver value to the reader.
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    [Companies] 5 Successful B2B AdWords Best Practices
    Read on for tips on turning AdWords into a B2B marketing win for your company. Begin with focusing on keywords that work for your company. Search engines will block misleading ads or ones that pretend to be another company. B2B owners view AdWords suspiciously. Done incorrectly, AdWords is just like any other advertising venue, an easy place to lose money. Most businesses don’t use AdWords effectively.
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    [Companies] Don’t Limit Your Local SEO Resource Options Looking Only Locally
    Consultants who truly excel at their jobs can boost a company’s visibility in local search results whether they live in the area or not. “Shop local” seems to be the millennial mantra, and they aren’t the only ones – consumers of all demographics have grown in their support of local small businesses. More and more users are conducting searches for businesses “near me,” or local brands that are in their neighborhoods.
    [Companies] Hiring Internally vs. Retaining an SEO Agency: Truly Think About It
    Why Most Companies Do Better With an SEO Agency. However, optimizing your web presence on your own may be a better choice if you’re a large-scale company with limitless resources. You may find that retaining an agency is the simplest, most cost-effective solution for your company at the moment. There is much debate about whether to trust your in-house team with search engine optimization (SEO) consulting services or to outsource this task to an SEO agency.
    [Companies] An Easy Guide to Creating an Email Drip Campaign
    You can supplement your customers’ knowledge of your company and brands through this tool. Drip campaigns are complex, require a lot of original content and emails, and take time to put together. They are also good tools for building relationships, boosting retention rates, and increasing sales numbers, while being automated to a large extent. Done correctly, the drip campaign leads customers in a call to action.
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    [Companies] Key Tests That Will Help Optimize Your PPC Strategies
    Combine both strategies within your company to increase productivity and achieve the opportunity for better conversion rates. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing on the web. It enables marketers to buy the attention of target users instead of struggling to win them over organically. PPC marketing works seamlessly with search engine advertising methods like Google AdWords.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 29, 2018
    [Companies] 6 Reasons Your Content Sucks – And What to Do About It
    Unfortunately, many companies continue to crank out content that sucks. In addition to a spot on the first page of mobile and desktop searches, companies that want to earn a place in the digital spotlight should focus on crafting concise and helpful answers to the most popular searches. Poorly crafted content represents a time suck and a money suck you really can’t afford.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 2018
    [Companies] 3 Reasons a Call to Action is Important
    Skipping the CTA is a grave mistake that won’t bode well for your company. Predictability makes your company trustworthy and easy to engage with. For most companies, this isn’t a risk they can afford. Your call to action (CTA) is the chance to motivate your audience to take real steps toward becoming a customer or client. It can be the determining factor between a lead and a conversion. Many argue that the call to action is the most important part of your site or ad campaign.
    [Companies] Google Chrome’s Plan to Distrust Symantec Certificates
    NOTE: If you don’t/didn’t know about this, don’t feel bad; apparently Amazon.com does not either and their primary certificate is from Symantec as shown in the blue box in the screenshot below (I bet Google does not penalize them though): Lucky for Amazon, they are a huge company who uses their own web services for everything (because they can), so all it takes for them to fix this is a global update for all certificates they use away from the old, now untrusted Symantec certificates.
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    [Companies] Senior SEO Professionals vs. Rookie/Mid-Level SEO Consultants: A Game of Numbers and Risk
    Finding the right SEO agency to help is an extremely valuable asset to your company. Determine whether you’re on the same page as the company and if your goals are aligned. Browse each company’s website, read testimonials, and look at past projects. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of doing business today. As such, it deserves attention from experienced SEO professionals.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 1, 2018
    [Companies] What’s Coming Up in 2018? Digital Marketing Pros Weigh in!
    “Now that mobile accounts for over 70% of digital media time, we will expect to see companies increase the media budget for mobile advertising in 2018. Happy New Year from Vizion Interactive! As we dive into 2018, we were excited to chat with our team and also some of our favorite digital marketing pros from Dallas Digital Summit this past December, about what’s coming up for them this year.
  • VIZION  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2017
    [Companies] Thankfulness Is a Daily Routine
    It is an honor and a privilege that they have entrusted our company with advancing their digital marketing efforts. It has now been 12 years since I began Vizion Interactive. When I was just getting things started, I was so very thankful for ANY piece of business that might help me to advance to the point where I might be able to afford to hire one person. Then, eventually, be able to pay myself.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2017
    [Companies] SEO Consultant Or SEO Agency: Which Is Best For Your Business’ Needs
    The SEO consulting services you choose can make all the difference in your company’s success. Look at the scope of your project, and your company goals. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can be what sinks or floats the “ship” of a modern web-based business. SEO is at the heart of what allows a brand to thrive in an age that places such great importance on the web.
    [Companies] 5 Ways to Enhance Your Google Local Business Listing
    Your customers are the people who matter most to your company. Supporting local small businesses has always been a priority to Google. If a user performs a search for something like, “Japanese restaurant,” or “grocery store,” Google will automatically show the top three venues (called the “local pack”) within a certain radius. As a small business, the local pack presents an incredible marketing opportunity – if you know how to get into a coveted top position.
  • VIZION  |  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2017
    [Companies] Tool Tip Tuesday – FREE Marketing Budget Guide
    Like a lot of marketers, you probably have dreams and goals for not just your department, but your company as a whole. Time really is money, and if 2017 is a dollar, we’re down to our last quarter. That’s a little joke for the planners out there, but the truth is, we’re running out of year–and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll be spending the commercial currency we call 2018. If you haven’t put together a serious marketing budget for next year, now’s the time.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2017
    [Companies] Holiday Content Ideas That AREN’T A Gift Guide
    Travel companies are the clear fit here, but so many brands can be a part of the travel experience: Think about the specific challenges your ideal customer might face if travel is a part of their plan—boarding a pet, protecting an empty home, working remotely, managing travel expenses, and more—and look for ways to offer advice and solutions to help them enjoy their adventure.
    [Companies] Tool Tip Tuesday: Google’s New In-Store Sales Attribution
    This is great for companies that do not have the resources, loyalty programs or data to integrate into AdWords directly. Google’s newly formed partnerships with credit card companies is said to have 70 percent coverage of credit and debit card transactions in the US. Companies that have customer loyalty and emails programs will have the ability to import data directly into AdWords. For companies with multiple locations, this may be exactly what you are looking for.
    [Companies] SEO Consultant Or SEO Agency: Which Is Best For Your Business’ Needs
    The SEO consulting services you choose can make all the difference in your company’s success. Look at the scope of your project, and your company goals. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can be what sinks or floats the “ship” of a modern web-based business. SEO is at the heart of what allows a brand to thrive in an age that places such great importance on the web.
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    [Companies] SEO Tools 5 Years Ago: Where Are They Now?
    More information is always better, especially when it’s coming from a reputable company like Moz. Moz is a company that knows what they’re good at and focusing on enhancing those already outstanding products. While the search industry is always changing there’s one thing that hasn’t changed. The reliance on tools to help get the job done. While there are a plethora of options out there, there are a few that almost any digital marketer will use a few times a week.
  • VIZION  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2017
    [Companies] Google Algorithm Updates and the Core SEO Factors to Focus On
    There are whole companies and services simply dedicated to writing content. This goes back a few years now and yet, we still see companies that are suffering from this today. When it comes to search engine optimization, 80+% of it is working for better positions in Google. Now Google loves to refine their algorithm and cause us all to do what is affectionally called ‘the Google dance’.
  • VIZION  |  TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
    [Companies] Tool Tip Tuesday: A Look at Deepcrawl
    When it comes to SEO and websites in general, there are a million and one tools that everyone says should be a “must-use”, especially those companies that build said tools. Some tools cost ridiculous amounts of money and just generate “pretty looking” reports and dashboards while others just regurgitate data from another source into a different layout that is “executive friendly” or more “presentation ready”. That is one thing I really like about working here at Vizion Interactive.
  • VIZION  |  TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
    [Companies] What does Mobile Mean to Your Bottom Line?
    Ultimately, what is mobile traffic worth to your company’s bottom line? Considering that we are now three years past the point of more mobile web users vs. desktop users, there are a few questions we need to consider as they pertain to mobile, and your company’s success. These are great general questions to consider in your initial exploration into what mobile means to your company site.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017
    [Companies] Understanding Digital Opportunities via Analytics
    In the past, companies struggled to understand CRM data and source it correctly. When some business owners think of analytics, they cringe. They think of analytics as the tools that penalize their websites if the content is not good or if keywords don’t generate traffic. Thus, business owners associate analytics with lack of clients and revenue. However, analytics do not deserve this negative reputation. Business owners can glean many positive opportunities from analytics.
  • VIZION  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 2017
    [Companies] The Latest in Programmatic Media Buying
    There will always be companies and types of advertising that need person-to-person handling and negotiation, but don’t expect all the business for yourself. The term “programmatic” is becoming as widely used as gluten, and this buzzword is as easily misunderstood. It is being applied to numerous industries that are fearful the word automation might be seen in a less-than-favorable light. Simply put, though, that is exactly what it is.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017
    [Companies] Mobile-First Google Shift
    Many companies avoided developing specialized mobile websites for as long as possible, but users found that a site optimized for desktop viewing did not respond well to a mobile interface. If you’re designing a website for your company or looking for ways to improve an existing site, think about whether you’ve approached the situation with a mobile-first mentality and adjust your priorities, if necessary.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017
    [Companies] Gifs in Social Media Marketing
    The gif has become more popular as a branding tool in the last year, cropping up in the content of companies across virtually every industry. Here’s how companies are using gifs to their fullest potential on social platforms today. A brand has to be more than just a thought leader or competitively priced company to impress and attract consumers today. Ah, the gif. It’s not a photo. It’s not a video.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, MAY 8, 2017
    [Companies] Sitemap Max File Size Limit Increased On Google and Bing
    These two companies may share many keywords, but the site with the better-indexed sitemap is going to rank much better in search results. Generating a sitemap is a relatively simple process, so even small business owners or startup companies can have one. This will result in much better SEO results in your company’s early days.
  • VIZION  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 2017
    [Companies] 2017: Year Of The Meme
    When users are sharing, and talking about what you’ve created they’re also providing valuable mentions of your company online. When people think of a meme it’s usually an image with text overlay. Remember “I Can Has Cheezburger?” That was most users first exposure to memes. Since then it’s expanded to anything that goes viral, that can also be replicated by other users. Think of planking, the cinnamon challenge and even the ice bucket challenge.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2017
    [Companies] How Is Video Shaping 2017?
    As companies begin a brand new year, it’s important that they keep up with how video is shaping the future. Live video has become a major platform to feed into this desire for new, immediate content from companies. User-friendly live video platforms such as Facebook Live, Periscope, Streamup, and now Instagram Live give companies an easy way to capitalize on the “now” trend, streaming live broadcasts of events, contests, product reveals, and how-to videos.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017
    [Companies] What Voice Search Means for Digital Marketing in 2017
    Companies like Microsoft are responding to voice search’s popularity, building more “conversational canvases” for their applications. One of the largest digital marketing trends for 2017 is voice search. Voice search is a form of digital personal assistance, and many people find it more efficient than text searching. How Voice Search Works. Without realizing it, people alter their search behavior whether they are speaking or typing.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2017
    [Companies] Five Pitfalls of the Impatient Digital Marketer
    Content is the core of a good digital marketing strategy, and it deserves ample time to ensure your company does it right. Digital marketers often hire people to keep up their blogs for them – a decision that can work well with the right agencies but can lead to catastrophe if they don’t spend the time carefully choosing a company. Impatient digital marketers often don’t take the time to reply to consumer questions, losing a sale to another company that took the time to engage.
  • VIZION  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 2017
    [Companies] Spring Cleaning Your Website: There Is No Time Like Now to Work on Site Clean-Up for SEO Sake
    You could use Screaming Frog, but I would make sure you (or your company’s desktop support team) sets you up with the expanded memory for this so you can try to capture the whole site. We have all heard the phrase “Spring cleaning”, but when most of us think about it, we see that closet full of Winter stuff, the man cave or woman cave (apparently now known as “she shed” or “femme den”) that has been getting more and more cluttered as we find new “cool stuff” to put in them.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, MARCH 6, 2017
    [Companies] The Most Creative PPC Ads of the Last 10 Years
    As if the name of the company wasn’t enough, this brand went a step further with the content of its PPC ads. When users searched for “Gourmet Chocolates,” the company’s ad came up with the same title. This ad may have helped cool down heated feelings toward the company during this tumultuous time. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing has boomed in the last decade as more advertisers have discovered the benefits of this unique tool.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2017
    [Companies] Tool Tip Tuesday: The New Ahrefs Content Gap Tool
    What is also super helpful is the fact that I can include up to 10 competitor domains, meaning that I can get a huge amount of data, especially for those clients that are not one-trick companies, where they may have segment focus competitors and true overlap competitors. Often the tools we use here at Vizion Interactive come out with new tools and/or new options for looking into things.
    [Companies] Quick Tips to Ensure You Are Writing for Your Intended Audience
    What do they want from a company? For example, a business executive’s motivations to engage with a company may be to seal a promotion or discover ways to spend more free time with a growing family. The time, effort, and money you put into optimizing your content is all for nothing if your target audience doesn’t read it. Writing for the right audience is as important as focusing on the content itself.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 2017
    [Companies] Content Marketing Wins and Fails of 2016
    Some of the best marketing campaigns in recent years have emerged from companies’ need to reshape their images and enter new territory. The company has used video game-themed presentations on major title release days to nods to wildly popular television series like Supernatural and even writing communities like NaNoWriMo. One of the worst offenders had small origins – a Texas mattress company.
  • VIZION  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2017
    [Companies] Wendy’s Twitter: An Example To Follow?
    What works for one company doesn’t always guarantee that it will work for yours. Because this is how a company should deal with mistakes online. If you search for “ social media fails ” you’ll find a grab-bag of SEVERAL company Facebook and Twitter accounts retweeting and posting content that should have been given a second glance. As a company, we dealt with it and moved on. Near the end of 2016, Wendy’s started sending Twitter users and competition to the burn ward.
    [Companies] Gifs that explain SEO
    Providing consistent content, valuable information, and high-quality resources will all build your company’s credibility. As the #1 search engine today, Google’s algorithms decide the fate of companies by rewarding those that follow the rules with a spot on the first page of search results. Focus on the user’s experience on your site and impressions of your company. A major element affecting companies’ SEO ranks is the lack of mobile optimization.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2016
    [Companies] 5 Would-Be Marketing Fails That Turned Into Gold
    For every angry customer, however, there was someone defending the company, using another trending hashtag, #itsjustacup to remind people to have a little perspective. Ultimately, the company gained a ton of publicity and sales actually rose 9% during the quarter. In a crucial oversight, the company allowed the domain for the QR code expire, allowing anyone on the Internet to take it over.
    [Companies] Ann Handley – Keynote Speaker at Dallas Digital Summit 2016
    You know my biggest, not pet peeve, but I guess my biggest regret with content marketing is that companies and organizations don’t take enough risks with it. And when companies don’t do that, that’s my biggest disappointment, pet peeve, regret. I think some companies have done a tremendous job creating bigger, bolder and braver content. That’s really what my message is all about, and really that’s what I want to inspire companies to do.
    [Companies] Leo Sei Discusses Optimizing for Every Moment with Adwords Scripts at DDS 2016
    Another example was the tire company Michelin in Canada. Vizion had the pleasure of speaking with Leo Sei at this year’s Dallas Digital Summit 2016. Leo is a product manager for the Google Adwords team at Google. Check out our interview with Leo below, as he discusses how to utilize AdWords scripts, the free & hosted programmatic AdWords tool, the types of businesses it’s best for, and what you can look forward to coming up soon in Google Adwords.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2016
    [Companies] The Importance of Mobile Page Speed for Users and Mobile SEO
    This resulted in a plethora of companies ignoring the issue, and ultimately unhappy customers. million in lost sales per year for a company that makes $100,000 per day. This means less chance of consumers seeing the site, decreased foot traffic, and a significant hit to company profits. It has the power to improve the user experience or damage it, shaping the impression visitors get from your company.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2016
    [Companies] Get the Most Out of Your Content with These Quick Tips
    Analyze the strategy of companies seeing success with their content and see how your team can imitate them. Observe what the world’s best brands are doing right, and see if it would work for your company. #6: It’s 2016, and content is still at the forefront of virtually every marketing technique, digital and traditional. Whether it’s video, photo, or content, marketers need to know how to stay on top of content and get the most for their efforts.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Companies] Pokemon Go And Your Business
    The Pokestops (and Gyms) were predetermined from a previous game this same company developed call Ingress. If you’ve gotten online within the past week, chances are you’ve read something about Pokemon Go. Not sure what it is? Well you can go read this piece on Lifehacker or watch this video below: This game has broken all kinds of records and is pushing to break even more. Given this, it’s no surprise people are trying to make a business out of it.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016
    [Companies] How to Keep Your Online Goals Relevant in Business Today
    Many companies look at business goals on a yearly, maybe even a quarterly, basis. What you want online efforts to do for your brand – Online goals vary from company to company. Almost every company has some form of website presence, and simply existing online could turn online activities into nonperforming expenditures. A calculated online presence can do so much more in terms of company success.
  • VIZION  |  TUESDAY, JULY 5, 2016
    [Companies] Holistic SEO: Remember Your Whole Website is the Sum of Its Parts
    Search engine optimization is much more than a set of tricks companies use to elevate their brands in search engine rankings. Companies that use these tactics to move themselves forward may shoot up in rankings over the short term, but they won’t maintain rankings over the long term using this method. Good internet security protects your company and your visitors while improving SEO.
  • VIZION  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016
    [Companies] Becoming Channelized!
    This also can provide insight on referring links from company news/buzz. The approach of considering all referring channels in a digital marketing effort is always key to being a successful online marketer. Even if the brunt of your efforts lie heavy in one specific medium, such as Organic Search(SEO), it is always best practice to review, report and monitor all referring channels.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016
    [Companies] Types of Images to Enhance Business Listings
    Your initial image should showcase what your brand has to offer when prospects search for related services or companies. You may need to stage some situations, but focus on creating an atmosphere that accurately reflects your company culture and personality. Contextual Images – If your company regularly serves a large number of customers, consider including pictures of the parking area and a wider view of the storefront.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2016
    [Companies] Website Redesign and Launch: Starting Off Your Project on the Right Foot
    Occasionally, a company needs to scrap its old web design completely in favor of a fresh start. While many companies dread this process, it does not have to turn into a logistical nightmare. The idea was that a new website would help a company seem more current and creative. Any time a company starts a new project, it must create a case for the investment based on existing and future needs and the budget.
  • VIZION  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 2016
    [Companies] 5 Link-Building Tactics You’ve Probably Never Used
    For years, many companies purchased inbound links to improve search engine rankings. The risk of purchasing links is high, and companies can invest their money more wisely. Link building, keyword stuffing, and other old SEO tactics often work against companies trying to improve SEO. In addition to building inbound links, your guest post will also assert your company as a thought leader in a field. Moz, Google, and many smaller companies offer link-monitoring tools.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, MAY 16, 2016
    [Companies] Learn From These 12 Social Media Wins and Fails of 2015
    Social media allows companies to reach audiences in authentic and immediate ways. Sometimes, companies hit the mark and create worldwide trends, and sometimes they fail miserably. Apparently, the company did not get the memo that shallow, sexist jokes are not so cool in 2015. In the midst of allegations of animal rights abuse, the company decided to try to improve its online brand image with a Twitter campaign.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, MAY 9, 2016
    [Companies] Email Personalization Techniques – How to be Catchy, Not Creepy
    Company information, on the other hand, is often promotional and not a personalized correspondence. Speak to the individual – Not all customers have the same needs or expectations for a company. Pay attention to location variables – Companies that operate globally may need to focus marketing efforts in certain regions or time zones. Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tactics used online.
  • VIZION  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Companies] Riding the Fine Line of SEO and Usability
    For success over time, consider adding usability tests to your company’s routine website activities. Companies that follow the old-school approach to SEO may hurt usability with keyword stuffed, irrelevant articles and poor link-building practices. Infinite scrolling completely changes a company’s ability to create an interconnected network of SEO-friendly landing pages. When companies focus too much on SEO, usability suffers.
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