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    [Blogger, Social Media] Twitter Marketing: Why You Don't Need to Mass Follow Twitter Users
    Some are social media enthusiasts or consultants, some are internet marketers or bloggers. They amass followers with the aim of improving their reputation in a specific field like marketing or social media. They also use their followers to boost their prominence on other social arenas like Digg or Facebook. Repeat until you get a ton of followers and look like a social media rockstar. It’s social proof.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Are Flipboard and Currents marketing partners or scams that take advantage of publishers? — Tech News and Analysis
    Sector RoadMap: Social customer service in 2013. Many publishers (including many of out clients @empirical media) are really in the early stages of building vast expertise on marketing their online content. In reality, publishers should get be getting similar access to user social data as the “tech middlemen” platforms are natively acquiring. Calling this old media thinking just means you don’t get actual publishing economics. Media Kit.
    [Blogger, Social Media] The Bad and the Ugly at the Inbound Marketing Summit
    Home Services Sector Expertise Blog About Us Contact Us NewMeetia Tuesday, October 19, 2010 The Bad and the Ugly at the Inbound Marketing Summit Last week your humble blogger shared some of the smartest things we heard and some of the fun we enjoyed at the Inbound Marketing Summit which we sponsored under our NewMeetia initiative. The dumbest thing I heard at the conference was “ Scale and media buying power are no longer a decisive advantage.” Size matters in media.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Content Curation in B2B Marketing
    Where it will go, no one knows…but I’ve heard from smarter people than me that content curation is the future (even present) of media. It’s already happened in the consumer world: Sites like Digg (social curation) which have little or no original content have become key resources for information. I think this discipline will be absolutely essential to content marketing in the future because of changes in the media landscape.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Humans vs machines: Aggregation vs curation
    | twitter | subscribe: email or RSS | about | contact | advertise | headline widget | mobile version Social networking , Mobile , Media 2.0 , Future trends , Google , Twitter , Facebook , Social media , Advertising , Augmented reality , Open source , Gadgets , Startups , Design , Newspapers. Flipboard, the popular iPad based magazine, gets its clues from your social network about what content to present in its “Flip&# format.
    [Blogger, Social Media] There's No Money In The Long Tail of the Blogosphere - ReadWriteWeb
    The Traffic Problem Now imagine that the network is the blogosphere where new blogs spring into existence every day.And as they do, these newly minted bloggers are aspiring to make money. Whatever monetization means the blogger in the long tail settled on, be it Google AdSense or Amazon affiliate codes,it can only work on large volumes of traffic. Since the incentives for individual bloggers are not many, betting the business on the long tail of the blogosphereis risky.
    [Blogger, Social Media] The 7 Ways to Get Traffic on the Web
    Social Media. Make sure to reach out to bloggers personally and build a relationship. Social Media - Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon,, Twitter. make sure you maximize the potential for traffic from social media: 1.) This traffic is mostly transitory and has low pageviews/visits, so in order to maximize its potential, make sure to serve up lots of related content on each of the pages that receive traffic from social media.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Return of the Editor: Why Human Filters are the Future of the Web
    But while algorithms once threatened to replace gatekeepers, online media will see a move back to the future: professional, human filters (the artists formerly known as editors) will play an integral role in the next web after all. Content beats search and social. Studies show that content sites drive much more traffic than search engines and social media links. Search and social become content. Beyond the Media: Q&A with Bob Garfield. social media.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Content curation: A required skill for digital-era communicators
    The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #563: September 6, 2010 It’s time for the anti-social media guru meme to die § Upcoming events Watch this space for notice of Shels involvement in upcoming conferences, workshops and other events. Providing links to related material can aid a reporter or blogger in research, provide context to a complex subject, lend credence to an argument, and/or provide resources necessary to expand one’s knowledge.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Can This Journalist Be Replaced by Software and Mechanical Turk?
    Similar efforts have run into problems before -- AOLs Demand Media-style Seed content generation effort at first assigned articles to too many outsourced workers, resulting in potential interview subjects for pieces being flooded with calls from would-be interviewers. Published by MIT English en Español auf Deutsch in Italiano ??
    [Blogger, Social Media] Real-time Story Telling
    We work with the worlds largest media brands to bring this vision to life. Cut to the chase… For mainstream media to survive, if not thrive, it must embrace social media and take on the critical role of curator of the conversation. For social media to remain relevant and avoid slipping further into a wall of noise, it must work hand in hand with news organizations to create a symbiotic storytelling relationship. Mainstream media is not dead.
    [Blogger, Social Media] What’s the law around aggregating news online? A Harvard Law report on the risks and the best practices
    Its the foundation of blogging and social media. Kimberley Isbell of our friends the Citizen Media Law Project has assembled a terrific white paper on the current state of the law surrounding aggregation — what courts have approved, what they havent, and where the (many) grey areas still remain. The Gawker Media sites are perhaps one of the best known examples of Blog Aggregators, and also illustrate the different forms that the use of third?party GateHouse Media v.
    [Blogger, Social Media] What’s the law around aggregating news online
    Its the foundation of blogging and social media. Kimberley Isbell of our friends the Citizen Media Law Project has assembled a terrific white paper on the current state of the law surrounding aggregation — what courts have approved, what they havent, and where the (many) grey areas still remain. The Gawker Media sites are perhaps one of the best known examples of Blog Aggregators, and also illustrate the different forms that the use of third?party GateHouse Media v.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Is Long Tail SEO Really SEO?
    Home About Us Contact SEJ News PPC SEO Tools Social Links Advertise With Us Feb 15 2011 Tweet Is Long Tail SEO Really SEO? back to top home News PPC SEO Tools Social Links About Us Contact SEJ Advertise With Us Copyright Search Engine Journal. I’ve had many discussions with others in the SEO arena over the years regarding the value of long tail SEO. But until this weekend I’ve never had anyone in our industry tell me that long tail is NOT SEO.
    [Blogger, Social Media] How Brent D Payne increased Tribune sites’ monthly visits by a cool 20 million
    For example, you might write the definitive article about the new Nike Example and use your social media network to promote that article. I have added to link for this page to my website www.themediabusiness which I will be doing from now using it as a place to store great media business ideas. What people fail to think about though is that my competitors arent local bloggers.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 6: The Tools Universe
    The biggest shift from mainstream media publishing to curation is that the expert curator has no obligation to rely on ‘expert’ or ‘professional’ sources. MySyndicaat , whose parent company, Kipcast has now grown into a multi-faceted service providing advanced news aggregation and republishing widgets for online brands and media companies, has been the true pioneer of this space. can the curated collection be easily shared on one or more social networks?
    [Blogger, Social Media] Building Your Own Scraper for Link Analysis
    Mining for bloggers in a particular niche. Solving the First Question As a link builder, I’d like to develop a list of bloggers in a niche that may be linking to my competitors. These are blogs I could target for guest blogging, content pitching, blog commenting, or social networking. Find social CMS – An example might be Pligg, which runs a lot of the Digg clone sites.
    [Blogger, Social Media] The Battle Against Info-Overload: Is Relevance or Popularity the Best Filter?
    By Marshall Kirkpatrick / January 26, 2011 8:30 AM / 13 Comments Tweet Hacker News The rise of social media has led to an exponential proliferation of content online and widespread demand for tools to filter that information. We asked three people building cutting-edge social software what they think the relationship between relevance, popularity and filtering is going to be in the future. are proof that social authority is becoming important.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Steve Rosenbaum: Can Venture Capitalize on Curation?
    Social Media iPad Apple iPad 2. MEDIA. SOCIAL MEDIA. Yuri Milner, the VC whose Russian Digital Sky Technologies (DST) group has put money into Facebook, Zynga and Groupon, was quoted at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit as saying, Curation is the next big thing. Many of them curate the growing twitter content stream, while others look to offer users a way to search multiple social networks, and produce a single curated content output. MEDIA.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Best Free Content Curation Tools 2012
    Social Web. Speedlink 46/2011, Social Media World, Content Curation, SEO and More. With Google+ being one of the newest major players to the social media arean, I am curiosu to see how well they do in the next few months. It can also give you a different view than TrendSpottr because it ignores social signals like Twitter activity and focuses solely on the relevance of the content itself. What Mattered in 2011 for Social Media. Archives.
    [Blogger, Social Media] How Do I Get Google's Bulleted Snippets?
    42 Thumbs Up, 0 Thumbs Down Get your social on Tweet Visits N/A Pageviews N/A Avg. rather old-media I guess. Why are we ranking so poorly for this keyword Local Keyword vs Business Name in URL More Q&A Featured Content Search Engine Ranking Factors Google Algorithm Change History Beginners Guide To SEO Social Connection Voted Best SEO Tool 2010!
    [Blogger, Social Media] Thought Leadership – How to measure your thought leadership?
    For their Innovation 1000 Global Campaign, Booz & Co’s objective is threefold: Place Booz & Company in top tier business media worldwide as a leader in innovation thinking and research. They track media coverage, social media mentions, traffic to and – the study is cited each year in nearly 200 publications around the globe, spanning 27 countries. Media coverage across tier one (mainstream) and tier two media (trade).
    [Blogger, Social Media] Jim Brady, Boss Of Hot Local News Site TBD, Out After Silly Fight About "Content OR Aggregation"
    Login With Facebook | Login With Twitter | Login | Register Jobs Home Tech Media Wall Street Markets Strategy Sports Travel Latest Video Hive Tape Questions Blackboard TV Newspapers News Entertainment People Magazines Most Commented Hive Tape Questions Hot » Big Tech | China | People | Politics | Sports | TV. Startup "Recent digital media launches -- Capital New York, D.C.-focused
    [Blogger, Social Media] Getting Started with Content Curation
    » Signup Now « SEO Challenges: Overcoming Competitors with Strong Link Profiles Having a Successful Relationship with Your Blog » Getting Started with Content Curation February 22nd, 2011 by WriterAccess As a blogger and web content writer, I was a tad embarrassed that I wasn’t familiar with the term “content curation.” Use social media criteria.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Klout, Triberr,, and the future of content curation
    Digg and StumbleUpon are social bookmarking sites, which effectively act as crowdsourced content curation engines. In manual use, it filters content based on the content creator, and allows you to manually curate this set of content for sharing in Twitter (and probably with other social networking sites in the future). This entry was posted in Social media and tagged curation , klout , social media , triberr by Ville Kilkku. And other social media DOHs.
    [Blogger, Social Media] The Curation Buzz. And PearlTrees
    Bloggers, of course, but blogging is curation for Web 1.0." Its become a very useful curation tool for my projects and its also a very good media technology because I can publish my PearlTrees in a variety of formats and across different media channels. John Byrne, the former editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek, believes that curation will be a vital part of future successful media businesses.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Links, Links and More Links
    DutchCowboys MobileCowboys DutchCowgirls SearchCowboys GermanCowboys BelgianCowboys Home Events Channels Google Yahoo Research Microsoft Local Mobile Social Media SEA SEO Search Engines News Events Yandex Daily Search Pic(k) Guestposts Tools Books SEO Roadshow Podcast Columns Video Channel Bloggers Links, Links and More Links Tue 30 June 2009 10:30, Editors In Europe and abroad we all know Dave Naylor. 14) » Social Media Optimization - S. (12)
    [Blogger, Social Media] Is Content Curation The New Black?
    Get blog updates, plus: A chance to win a 1-hour Brainstorming Session (monthly drawing) Special "newsletter-only" dispatches, events and discounts, and The secret to eternal life (hint: it involves dark chocolate) 43 comments POSTED IN: Blogging , Business Strategy , Creativity , Social Media , Writing | 01/5/11 Enjoy these related articles Renegade Profile: Epic Fantasy Writer, Joely Black Black Violin Goes Renegade On Stage Who Else Wants To Rule The World?
    [Blogger, Social Media] How to Really Build Backlinks and Dominate Google
    A few years ago you could take a robotic approach to SEO, but the web is now far too social to rely on old tactics to help your website rank higher. For a lot of competitive keyphrases online you’ll also find popular blogs, forums and niche social networks ranking highly. For example, if I contact a big blogger out of the blue and ask them to link to my latest article, it’s probably not going to happen. Do you think it will chase other bloggers away?
    [Blogger, Social Media] Social self-importance: Why content curation will never be king
    My Work Content Curation Subscribe Dare To Comment Fresh insights on social media and content curation marketing from a young professional in the field Social self-importance: Why content curation will never be king by Ian Greenleigh on September 9, 2010 · 9 comments Let’s be clear: Content curation will not save any of us from having to author our own content. I’ve got no social proof in that arena. Plenty of people sell social in general deceptively.
    [Blogger, Social Media] The blurring line between brands and publishers
    For the purpose of this article, I should clarify that when I say “publisher” or “media company” Im referring to a traditional information provider whose core business is content. In reality, “media company” encapsulates much more, from Starbucks to Kraft. Some media companies in both consumer and B2B have recognized an opportunity to become agencies and brands themselves.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Curate The Cloud
    | Home | Jack Myers Media Business Report | Subscribe-Free | Shelly Palmer | JackMyersThinkTank | Social Media | Ed Martin | GroupM Home > Commentary > Steve Rosenbaums The Media Memo > Curate The Cloud - Steve Rosenbaum - MediaBizBlogger Curate The Cloud - Steve Rosenbaum - MediaBizBlogger Share | Steve Rosenbaum Published: June 10, 2009 at 01:34 PM GMT Last Updated: June 10, 2009 at 01:34 PM GMT By Steve Rosenbaum Theres a storm brewing.
    [Blogger, Social Media] To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question
    Barbra Gago Inbound & Social Marketing Manager This year at SXSW there was a lot of talk about content, and not just creation, but strategy. times more trustworthy than social networking sites and corporate communications. I discuss this issue and a number of more points in my eBook: Content Curation: Taming the Flood in B2B Social Media ( [link] ) What are your thoughts? It was a hot topic at SXSW by bloggers such as
    [Blogger, Social Media] Are we seeing a shift in the quality-vs.-quantity content debate?
    ™ Login Register Advertise with Us Browse by Topic In Focus iPad Smartphones Social Media SEO / SEM Paid Content Content Aggregation / Curation Hyperlocal Tags Advertising Audience Development Design Editorial Technology Products & Resources Publisher's Playbooks Industry events Site index Rob ORegans Blog Are we seeing a shift in the quality-vs.-quantity Put a reminder in your calendar to check on Demand Media in five years.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Tumbling into journalism: Tumblr’s newsy tag pages
    A little while ago, I exchanged emails with Mark Coatney , Tumblr’s media evangelist (we wrote about him when he was Newsweek’s Tumblr evangelist), to discuss the curated tag pages. The main thing is that you should be able to follow a particular curated tag and be introduced to a new Tumblr blogger via a post the person has done. always looking for new ways to consume media and Nieman Journalism lab did an excellent post on this topic.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Surviving and Thriving as an Ecommerce SEO Professional
    There is always content to write or tweak; competitive analysis to be done; more long-tail keywords to pick up; new links to be had… There are always new conversations happening on various forums, social media websites, answer sites, and blogs, which can be monitored and, if appropriate, joined.
    [Blogger, Social Media] The New Value in the Web - the Archive - A New Approach to Search is Needed
    More than 2 years of writing on all aspects of social media is locked up in the archive - just as everyone now wants to learn about how social media works. I as a blogger want you to find this value on my site. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it fall - does it make a noise? If you have a site with a huge archive and people cant find what is in it - does it have any value?
    [Blogger, Social Media] Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 2: Aggregation Is Not Curation
    Techmeme original editorial focus has been a very wide range of technology and media related news aggregated and filtered via the news service own software algorithms. Can Curation Save Media Steve Rosenbuam - Business Insider 2) Automatic Filtering is not Curation Once you start aggregating content , it does not take much time to realize that unless you apply, even some kind of basic filtering to it, you are going to drown inside it.
    [Blogger, Social Media] How Valuable Are Associations?
    A Forbes blogger discusses the importance of membership By ANIA MONACO. “These groups of thought leaders are blogging, tweeting, meeting, and plugging in to social media with innovation and enthusiasm that in many ways surpasses many of the media organizations that I know well.” IEEE Xplore Digital Library. IEEE Standards. IEEE Spectrum. More Sites. ADVERTISEMENT ); The IEEE news source. About. Quarterly Issue. Archive. Multimedia. Email Alert.
    [Blogger, Social Media] What are the best content curation tools for daily use?
    Basically, you can organize curation tools among two axis: - manual (social) vs algorithmic curation - media vs collection output And you can also sort them depending on which sources they're using as inputs. is a publishing platform where users create their online magazines using social curation Pearltrees uses social curation to create collections Tac Anderson , Social Media Anthropologist 1 vote by Frank Bonsal III I use Diigo on a daily basis.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Curation Makes the Difference, or Why Seth Godin is (Finally) Wrong About Something
    Individual bloggers make decisions about what to write and who to link to from their blog. The Social Graph : this is using your social connections in combination with one of the above methods. Content farms like Demand Media also churn out gads of new information. How about some social capital/identity capabilities?
    [Blogger, Social Media] The Daily vs. Flipboard: One of These is The Future of Newspapers.
    If youre unfamiliar with Flipboard, its a self-styled iPad "social magazine" that lets you select what content to follow. However, the future of the newspaper is about increased personalization, interactivity, social features, more choice of niche content. See Also The New New Media: Apples Subscription Model Must All Media iPad Apps be Magazines? TweetMag the Latest Social Magazines: Whats Their Business Model?
    [Blogger, Social Media] The Five Types of Source Content in Content Strategy
    3: Co-Created Content Brands and businesses are making very good use of high-profile bloggers, studios, and podcasters who are already creating content in their niches and engaging their target audience. This is slightly risky because you are giving up some control of the message, but you are gaining the bloggers’ audience, unique perspective and voice, and an opportunity to expand your branding to new content types.
    [Blogger, Social Media] In “Content Fried” World, Associations Content Curation Can Benefit Members
    Social media is playing a huge role in the dissemination and value of content. Research Shows Digital Media: The Must Use Tools f. Komen, Gap & Christmas Trees: How Social Media Act. Powered by Blogger. Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic. AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. Tuesday, February 14, 2012. In “Content Fried” World, Associations Content Curation Can Benefit Members.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Are You Curating Yet?!?
    Dont Waste Your Time and Money on Content Marketing Content Marketing Building Blocks: The Corporate Blog Thoughts on Content Marketing and Social Media Traffic Benchmarks Do you have a corporate blogging program in place? The Open Marketer HOME WHAT WE DO HOW WE HELP WHO WE ARE PORTFOLIO NEWS EVENTS TESTIMONIALS CAREERS CONTACT US Are You Curating Yet?!?
    [Blogger, Social Media] 10 Essential SEO Tools
    Home Contact Marketing New Blog Tips SEO Social Media Subscribe SEO Secrets Ebook Thesis a killer Theme The SEO Book Web Hosting Control your Ad space 10 Essential SEO Tools January 6, 2009 Written by, David Towers close Author: David Towers Name : David Towers Email: Site: [link] About: David Towers is an SEO Manager at Mediaedge:cia based in Manchester (UK.) 4) Copyright © 2008 by | SEO, Social Media & Marketing , unless otherwise noted.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Importance of Deep Linking
    5 Social Sites to Engage Bloggers – Blogging Communities Michael December 4, 2010 at 1:29 am That’s a very well written post, Zarko, and the idea is very sound. How Small Businesses Should Use Social Media Zarko December 4, 2010 at 10:51 pm Tanks Michael and thanks JohnK, I am unfortunately aware that most “SEO’s&# talk about how important link building is, but only a handful of professionals will tell you how to do it and why to do it.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Writing SEO Content For Long Tail Keywords
    Sammy Nams About Contact Resume A beginners guide to SEO, social media and reputation management for entrepreneurs, bloggers and marketers. For example, Google will recognize that an active shoe blogger’s post about Kanye West’s new fluorescent high tops is more relevant than an equally good post by a personal blogger with little or no focus on shoes.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Web Squared: Web 2.0 Five Years On: Web 2.0 Summit 2009 - Co-produced by TechWeb & O'Reilly Conferences, October 20 - 22, 2009, San Francisco, CA
    Summit Sponsors Sponsorship Opportunities Press & Media Press Info PR Opportunities News & Coverage More Web 2.0 Is it the social web? The Web as a whole is a marvel of crowdsourcing, as are marketplaces such as those on eBay and craigslist, mixed media collections such as YouTube and Flickr, and the vast personal lifestream collections on Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. There is a race on right now to own the social graph. Home Invitation Web 2.0
    [Blogger, Social Media] Signal, Curation, Discovery
    John Battelles Searchblog Home Archives News Feed Thoughts on the intersection of search, media, technology, and more. Signal, Curation, Discovery December 11, 2010 By John Battelle This past week I spent a fair amount of time in New York, meeting with smart folks who collectively have been responsible for funding and/or starting companies as varied as DoubleClick, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Federated Media (my team), and scores of others.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Using the Long Tail of Search to Attract Leads | Vertical Measures
    Call Us 888.476.1881 Request More Info Contact Us Our Blog Home Link Building SEO Website Marketing Social Media Video Marketing Local Search Content Creation home :: blog page « 50 Topics to Help You Get Started on Your Corporate Blog Using the Long Tail of Search to Attract Leads December 17th, 2009 • By: Ralphm • Education It was a great disappointment to hear that Chris Anderson is taking a hiatus from his Long Tail blog.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Using the 'Steal-O-Meter' to Gauge if Stories Steal or Promote
    E-mail Print Share Share Tweet Using the Steal-O-Meter to Gauge if Stories Steal or Promote In the recent dust-up between the Washington Post and Gawker, Post reporter Ian Shapira "was upset":[link] when his story was excerpted on the media gossip blog Gawker. Some folks say this means Twitter is more of a media company, getting people to pay more attention to its website, where it could serve up more ads.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Linkbait: The Most Linked to Articles | Linkbait Examples
    Aaron walls 101 ways to build link authority was posted in 2006, I’m pretty sure bloggers will still link to this article in the coming years. SEO Tools SERPs Site Search Social Media Spammers Thesis Tips video Wordpress Subscribe RSS FEED Home About Services SEO Articles SEO Blog Contact Sitemap.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Practical eMarketer: SEO | Long Tail Keywords
    In my book Social Network Marketing I recommend using HitTail , a subscription service which you can use for 60 days free. What is Social Network Marketing doing for your Bu. Social Network Marketing | Become Someone Others W. Social Networking Article Marketing | Promoting Your Content Article Marketing | Alicia Forest Social Network Marketing | Ferny Ceballos Social Network Marketing | James Wall Affiliate Marketing | More 2009 Market Predictions.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Creating a Sweet High Value Keyword List in 5 Minutes : SEO
    join upgrade blog tools forums training videos aff about support « Fracturing Media to Help Small Online Publishers Creating a Sweet High Value Keyword List in 5 Minutes Jan 12 Step 1: list a few core keywords For this example we will cover
    [Blogger, Social Media] Google's Relevancy Algorithms Change by Keyword: Longtail vs Core Category Words : SEO
    SEO Goodies Try our suite of free SEO tools Read the SEO glossary Learn from The Bloggers Guide to SEO Find marketing conferences My account Register Login Learn SEO in 7 Days Set: * 7 Days to Search Engine Success Select set E-mail: * Enter your e-mail to sign up for a series of emails Recent comments Great post 3 hours 6 min ago What browser are you using 3 hours 26 min ago Videos not showing?
    [Blogger, Social Media] Crowdsourced Curation
    automated filtering based on the efforts of other internet users to rank, rate, and recommend content, and on social networks to gather and share links and content appropriate to the groups that form themselves. “The Internet has enabled us to build our social graph, and in turn, that social graph acts as an aggregate gatekeeper,&# he writes, adopting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s cryptic marketing lingo.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Crowd-sourcing faceted information retrieval
    Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: information retrieval , knowledge organisation , search engines , social software 0comments: Post a Comment Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Subscribe To Posts Atom Posts Comments Atom Comments Disclaimer All opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Liverpool John Moores University or affiliated organisations. Powered by Blogger.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Real-Time News Curation - Types And Real-World Examples
    To save editors time and abilities in finding and reporting the most relevant stories so that they can dwell more on content production, or to leverage to-the-max the power of new media technologies such as automated aggregators, search engines, or social analysis tools, to extract on auto-pilot the best content and news available out there? This does not mean that curation does not need or can do altogether away of any form of automated aggregation or social-based filtering.
    [Blogger, Social Media] What Is Newsmastering And What Are Newsradars? RSS News Aggregation And Re-Publishing For Beginners - Robin Good's Latest News
    What I have named "Newsmastering" is a process by which you do something very similar to the above although in a fully virtual newsroom (your computer) and with the speed and efficiency that new media tools can afford you. RSS Feed Creation Create of a number of RSS feeds based on custom "persistent searches" on the different content areas of the Internet (blogosphere, web, news, directories, forums, social media, etc.) social networking, new media and technology they cover.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Flipboard's original pitch to Robert Scoble
    The product is at >>>> the intersection of two things you know intimately - the iPad and social >>>> media. Especially when a startup opens up so early to a blogger/journalist. The floodgates for apps that turn your social networks into a better, magazine like experience are open. We'll always have websites but how do we get our content onto social media such asTwitter, Digg, FB, Buzz - through a single format.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Online Content Distribution: Guide To The Best Content Syndication Services
    Wildfire, the proprietary technology used by Gigya, allows you to freely customize your content widgets and is designed to distribute re-shareable widgets on major social media networks, blogging platforms and even desktop platforms easily. Widgets support both static and rich media ad formats. link] Mochila Mochila is an online media marketplace aimed to both content buyers and sellers. Top bloggers also get rewarded for the content they provide.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Content Curation: a Required Skill for Digital Era Communicators
    Providing links to related material can aid a reporter or blogger in research, provide context to a complex subject, lend credence to an argument, and/or provide resources necessary to expand one’s knowledge. Even the links contained within a blog post are the result of the blogger considering useful sites where their readers might find some value. Link collections are an element I include in most of the social media news releases I produce.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Content syndication gets more niche-oriented
    More vertical-focused content helps media companies expand their coverage into specialized areas. Content companies such Studio One Networks and High Gear Media offer topic-based content to publishers, through both licensing deals and advertising-supported programs. And P&G-owned IAMS is the sponsor of The Dog Daily , a program licensed by media companies such as CBS. “Ultimately the police for the quality of our content are the media partners,” he said.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Crowdsourcing Curation: The Social Graph as Gatekeeper
    Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Crowdsourcing Curation: The Social Graph as Gatekeeper Ive written before about the compromise we tacitly agree to when amateurs take over the roles formerly held by professionsals. The Internet has enabled us to build our social graph, and in turn, that social graph acts as an aggregate gatekeeper. This social-graph-as-curation is still relatively new, even by Internet standards. Powered by Blogger. Eric Reasons Its my name.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Content Marketers: Are you a Teacher, a Curator, or a Pundit?
    Cross-posted @ SmoothSpan Blog ) Posted in Featured Posts , Trends & Concepts | Tagged Blog , content marketing , curated content , curation , curator , marketing , pundit | 1 Response This post has received Bob Warfield Serial Entrepreneur, 5 startups, Product Guy, and Inveterate Blogger!
    [Blogger, Social Media] Digital Curator Characteristics
    and pointing to interesting things that other bloggers are doing. An understanding of the social Web and how communication and learning happen in and across networks, including factors like diversity and influence. Hands-on, practical knowledge of major technologies of the social Web and rapid authoring tools. More importantly, I think that the need for these qualities applies broadly across the social Web. Mission to Learn - Lifelong Learning Blog. Know Better.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Is the B2B media industry still worth investing in?
    New Media. Social Media. (46). Tablet-only Media. Google changes its Blogger system, leaves bloggers. Debating with myself (part two): is the B2B media. Media app updates: Bonnier and Hearst update their. Kantar Media issues report on tablet edition adver. Debating with myself (part two): is the B2B media industry still worth investing in? N o media sector has been as devastated by "investment" than the B2B media industry.
    [Blogger, Social Media] You're Not That Interesting
    Instead, successful media will become aggregators and editors of content, rather than creators. This could lead to the next renaissance in news: instant reporting from the heart of the action, technology-assisted compilation and editing, and leveraging social connections to make it personal and relevant. " successful media will become aggregators and editors of content, rather than creators.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Content Curation for SEO and Traffic Generation | IM Impact
    The simple function of pulling content together and commenting on it is what all bloggers and all writers do. The simple facts you mention Shane of the amount of info hitting the web makes the acts of interpretation and comment performed by the social media even more important. Getting paid for this ain’t easy – the social media are pretty intolerant of sales pitches and are fairly media savvy!
    [Blogger, Social Media] Association Publishing Priorities, Challenges and Hot-Button Issues for 2012 - Association and Non-Profit @
    E-Mail Alert Sign-Up Subscribe Now Media Kit Bookmark folio MediaPRO Community. Careers Careers Home Search Jobs Add Your Resume Featured Jobs Newest Jobs Job Seeker Login Post a Job Employer Login Media Kit By Topic Audience Development. B2B: Business Media. Consumer Media. Sales & Marketing Bloggers Resources White Papers Video Center Podcasts ENews Sign-Up Magazine Browse Issues Subscribe Now Media Kit FOLIO: Staff Suppliers Webinars Events.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Conversion Rate Optimisation for SEO
    I still find it hard to believe that it’s 2010 and SEO bloggers still have to justify long-tail SEO. home about us press tools blog contact us search engine optimisation PPC management online reputation web design Conversion Rate Optimisation for SEO By: Paddy Moogan There are plenty of great posts out there on conversion rate optimisation, I’ve linked to a few below, however what can you do to improve conversion rates from an SEO point of view?
    [Blogger, Social Media] Why Bother With Content Curation?
    Content curation, which can be defined as a highly proactive and selective approach to finding, collecting, presenting and displaying digital content around predefined sets of criteria and subject matter, has become essential to marketing, branding, journalism, reporting and social media – often, to mash-ups of all these different and disparate channels. We can mix media together, providing a rich resource that we can share and also a permanent collection for our own use too.
    [Blogger, Social Media] The newsonomics of recycling journalism
    There’s an important number in his week’s first-of-its-kind Newspaper Association of America report — The American Newspaper Media Industry Revenue Profile 2012 — on the evolution of revenue sources. It never scaled that well for early players like Screaming Media and iSyndicate through Mochila and Voxant. Big brands have found great success at using social media to bring many more interested eyeballs to their sites. Social. Reporters Become Bloggers.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Google's Search-based Keyword Tool: Monetize The Long Tail of Search | Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik
    PS: Couple other related posts you might find interesting: Measuring Value of “Upper Funnel” (Long Tail) Keywords Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Google Insights for Search Excellent Analytics Tip#3: Turbocharge Your SEM/PPC Analysis Social Bookmarks: This Post: | Print This Post | Share on Twitter Tags: Web Analytics RSS feed for comments on this post. List of sites that have distracted me just since the beginning of this post: Your Social Media Strategy Long Tail Search [.]
    [Blogger, Social Media] Content Networks are the New Blogs |
    At the same time, demands on our attention are rising, split between other media like DVDs, theater movies, internet video, audio podcasts, games (console, pc, or online), blogs, social software sites like MySpace, Flickr, and more. You as a blogger or podcaster or producer of amazing and creative content are scratching your head at your 50, 100, 300 subscribers, and wondering what it’s going to take to get 1000 regular subscribers.
    [Blogger, Social Media] Death of the long tail? | Tracking Tourism: The Tourism Research Blog
    Using Google tools for tourism and travel research: Google Trends A data epiphany for Destination DC We’ve got to do more with less Social media gets sensible? At EyeForTravel various big players were talking about the 30,000 euros here and 30,000 euros there spent on various social media apps and tests. Skip to navigation | Skip to content Tracking Tourism: The Tourism Research Blog Contact us on +44 (0) 1463 729314 Home About HBR Search Pages
    [Blogger, Social Media] Three Generations of SEO (Part II) " HighContrast
    HighContrast Innovation & venture capital in the post-broadband era Home PVP Blogs My Companies Presentations About jump to navigation Three Generations of SEO (Part II) September 17, 2008 Posted by Simeon Simeonov in Digital Media , Web 2.0 , startups. Although the content is UGC, nobody is teaching WP bloggers how to write for SEO.
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