[Aaron Wall, Content] How to Consistently Out-Curate Your Competitors
    Content Creation. While he draws a clear distinction between this phenomenon and traditional content curation, MacManus notes that the modern Web is way too noisy and we need more sites that organize third-party content in a meaningful way. The facts are: Content curation is a needed skill that will only grow in importance as more big brands and publishers flood the Internet with all kinds of content. Hunt down content by category on StumbleUpon.
    [Aaron Wall, Content] Curation. Can you Filter Free Content
    Can you Filter Free Content by Lisa Barone on 08/17/2010 · 9 comments | Internet Marketing Conferences Hey, hey! Steve Rosenbaum is up to talk about content curation and this session is slated as only being 20 minutes long. Real-time, location-based and consumer content swamps search. Successful curators have a voice and a content mix. Sites will create some unique content. It’s cool if your visitors get in the habit of making content for you.
    [Aaron Wall, Content] Linkbait: The Most Linked to Articles | Linkbait Examples
    It’s the creation of compelling and seductive content that persuades you perform an action such as linking to it Lyndon Antcliffe, Cornwall SEO For anyone interested in link building, blogging or general content creation, you should find this post interesting. This tactic can also be used on standard webpages that have old content but good links, move the old content and add fresh content to the old link-rich url. SEO-Doctor.co.uk
    [Aaron Wall, Content] 71 Technical Factors For Backlink Analysis (From 30 Link Building Experts) – Part 2
    TLD (if.govs or.edus have been linking it can indicate high-trust, high-value content) Target keywords in the URL Target keywords in the hostname Number of URL parameters Depth of the page on the site (as measured by /’s) Iterations of ? Link embedded within relevant content that discusses link target Title, headers, and content to see if the theme of the page is on topic Text surrounding the link Does the link appear paid or given freely, by editorial choice?
    [Aaron Wall, Content] Wow, Did Jason Calacanis Make Matt Cutts Look Like an Idiot?
    » Spam vs Mahalo: Matt Cutts Explains the Difference Feb 22 When the internal Google remote quality rater guidelines leaked online there was a core quote inside it that defined the essence of spam: Final Notes on Spam When trying to decide if a page is Spam, it is helpful to ask yourself this question: if I remove the scraped (copied) content, the ads, and the links to other pages, is there anything of value left? And at that point it really does move more into a content play.
    [Aaron Wall, Content] How Google Can Combat Content Farms
    This is due to the scale at which these content farms are operating at - Demand Media alone pumps out 4,000 new pieces of content every day. The solution is of course for Google and other search engines to find better ways to surface quality content , whether that be from traditional news media, blogs or even Demand Media ( not all of its content is poor quality ). So how can Google evolve to identify quality content better?
    [Aaron Wall, Content] How Brent D Payne increased Tribune sites’ monthly visits by a cool 20 million
    I said to them that although it may not be perfect for you guys journalistically to put a full proper noun in a headline, it makes a huge difference to the number of people who read your quality content.” When asked what his involvement is once a story has been written and is ready to be published, Payne replied: “I have full access to the CMS (Content Management System) and I can edit whatever I want, like title tags, headlines, sub headlines or even the story if I wanted to.”
    [Aaron Wall, Content] What Hasn’t Changed In SEO/SEM - The Top 6
    Make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed before you leave! If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. While I don’t agree 100% with everything included here - like the idea of dismissing the use of keywords in the domain and the necessity of submitting the site to search engines manually - I love the emphasis that Brett puts on creating quality content regularly. The search engines may now be looking for more kinds of content (i.e.
    [Aaron Wall, Content] Sunday Morning SEO: Target Long Tail Keywords First | The Blog Herald
    Aaron Wall, a prominent search expert, writes : There is no award, little traffic, and virtually no value for ranking on page 2 or page 3 , even if it is for an exceptionally competitive and high traffic keyword like credit cards. For a more detailed look at long tail keywords, check out Aaron Wall’s article: Why it Makes Sense to Target Longtail Keywords First. Then subscribe to our RSS feed!
    [Aaron Wall, Content] Excellent Analytics Tip #10: How Thick is Your Head and How Long is Your Tail? | Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik
    Social Bookmarks: This Post: | Print This Post | Share on Twitter Tags: Advanced Analytics & Analytics & Search Engine Marketing & Web Analytics & Web Insights & Web Metrics RSS feed for comments on this post. As long as the site has pages with more than five words each (! :)) it will get indexed and ranked for all of the content on the site. I only read it in an interview by Aaron Wall (he interviewed many ’search guys’).
    [Aaron Wall, Content] Google Penalties | SEO Nightmares
    But to be certain about this, first do some other ranking checks and visit the most important Webmaster forums and blogs, read some daily SEO feeds to see if this signal has happened to others too. Aaron Wall (SEObook) has a great article about this filter , so if your site was hit by this filter I recommend you to read this.